Amaras Fefalas

Murderous Elven Ex-Magister


Amaras is a tall, silver-haired elf. His eyes are surrounded by faint wrinkles and dark circles, giving him the appearance of one who is always weary. His reserves of knowledge dealing with ancient history and lore, elven customs, and weaponry are truly vast. Amaras carried an obsession with weapons, particularly those of elven make, and (as the PCs have seen) behind his office’s numerous bookcases were rack upon rack of swords, maces and axes. Amaras had a haughty, serious and cold disposition, which many took to be a result of his race and expulsion from his homeland.


This elf was once the Guild Magister, the head of all magical and lore-based affairs for the Guild. Some Guildsmen believed he was the most qualified to take on the position of Guildmaster should Bluestone die, but more thought that not enough was known about this elf to entrust him with such a position.

They appeared to be proven right when Claudia Elmez “caught” him in the act of murdering Guildmaster Brum Bluestone. They had a heated duel before Amaras teleported away to safety. Because of Tazer’s actions, it was revealed to the Heroes that Amaras had been framed, and was actually the legendary elven Forge-Mage Galadrion.

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Amaras Fefalas

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