Charlie or "Fingers"

Cutpurse Rogue


One handsome devil.


Charlie, or from here on out we can use his street name “Fingers”, grew up on the streets with no family. (did you figure as much when I said we would be using his street name?) Think Aladdin. Just as handsome, always got the cute girl, same amount of no family. But he doesn’t fly around on a carpet, talk to blue genies or hangout with dirty monkeys. Fingers has got a black cocaine heart. His life wasn’t no Disney sing along. When he had to cut a man down, he cut the punk ass down. He took want he want when he wanted, and he didn’t share with the beggar kids down the alley. Each day was life and death. But he slowly grew to like it that way. Things went from just taking what he needed from others to stay alive, to taking random junk people carried with them just to spite them, and show him self he could get away with it. When those sort of challenges grew to boring Fingers, he started sliding blades in between peoples ribs, then walking away, leaving the poor sap clueless as to what happened as they slowly faded from this cruel world of ours. Yeah Fingers wasn’t really a nice guy. He slowly grew a reputation. He was feared among the rich and careless, and admired by the poor and downtrodden. Like I said earlier though. Its not like Fingers was Robin Hood to these folks. The beggars and what have ya’s would just tell stories of him, and wish to be as cool as Fingers. I guess the reputation reached the ears of some determined folk, and this The Fisher guy sought Fingers out. Made Fingers feel like this Vultani thing could be a rather decent challenge. And so Fingers decided he would take The Fisher up on his offer of recruitment.

Charlie or "Fingers"

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