Driztopher Crue

Ex-Guildsman and Leader of the Vultani


Driztopher Crue was known for his good looks in life. To the common people of Aroupe, he was a star and a legend, but to those who knew him personally, Crue was cowardly, selfish and snobbish. After his death, another side of Crue was shown when a childhood friend revealed Crue’s childhood and patronage of an orphanage for disowned children. When it was found he had returned from the dead, Crue seemed to have taken up the ideals of the Vultani and sought vengeance on Zuul. However, after he was spared by Zuul and the Heroes at the battle of Dögvaldr, Crue seemed to have lost all direction in life, and was even friendly and repentive.


Crue was born as the youngest child to the Duke of Cydon. His childhood was rough, often overlooked by his parents and brothers. He was disgraced and exiled in his teenage years. He quickly made a name for himself elsewhere, however. In short order, he gained a celebrity reputation as a bard, then was knighted, and finally joined the Guild of Anibar, rising all the way to the position of Exemplar of Knowledge.

In the 15th year of the 5th Age, Crue lead a unit of soldiers at the Battle of Brellymines. When a dragon showed up on the side of the Mole-men, however, Crue quickly fled. He was later caught by Zuul bragging about his battle with the dragon, an act with caused him to become suspended from the Guild. Crue left, and was not heard from by the Guild again. A few weeks later, Guildfather Vishby Maclaren reported that his Guild Ring reported him dead.

Later, he was discovered alive, leading a band of Vultani leading an attack against the skyship The Breezy Coffin. He, along with a band of Vultani, then ambushed the Heroes again at the base of the Tower of Memory. When he was spared by Zuul, a change overcame him. Tak took Crue to his library demiplane, while they decided what to do with him. Eventually, they decided to free him. He asked to be taken to his father’s barony, which was the last place he was seen in person.

Later, when the Vamenatu asked Crue to join their forces via scrying, he declined, but admitted that he owed them a favor, and agreed to use the powers of the Vultani to get them into anywhere they needed to go one time. When asked what he would do, he said he planned to rebuild the Vultani.

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Driztopher Crue

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