Mysterious Champion and Consort of the Pirate King


Goldhelm is a elven woman of around five and a half feet. She has silvery-blonde hair. When not incognito, the Pirate King’s mistress dresses in a very revealing manner, and to great effect, for her beauty and grace are unmatched by those of any mortal. Her personality as of yet is unknown, although she seems to bear some grudge against Tazer.


The PCs originally encountered the Pirate King’s consort while she was disguised as a male competitor in the Summerfest tournement, calling herself “Goldhelm”. She beat Clint Westwood in the Photone Duels by default when he overslept the competition. All through the competitions, she seemed to take special interest in Tazer.

Goldhelm was encountered again outside the tournament a few months later in the Hoary Lady Inn. She charmed all of the party to leave so she could get a clean shot at Tazer, but Tazer was successfully able to rouse his teammates and cause her to flee.

After the battle at Dögvaldr, it was revealed that Goldhelm was actually Tazer’s aunt, Nienni Twaltas.

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