Guildmaster Claudia Elmez

Current Guildmaster of the Guild of Heroes and Dame of Stoneshire


Claudia is of average height, with long, brown hair. A look at the muscular build or the scarred knuckles of this woman tells that she was built to be a warrior, and that she is. Claudia has very attractive features, but her serious, aggressive disposition and fierce, ever-present scowls keep her in the realm of merely “handsome”.


This priestess of Gawese was knighted by the baron of Stoneshire for her service in battle. Claudia is a two-time champion of the spell duel competition at the Summerfest celebration in Cydon. For ten years she worked her way up the ranks of the Guild of Anibar, to finally achieve the title of Keeper of Records. After the death of Guildmaster Brum Bluestone,the position of Guildmaster was reoffered to Guildfather Vishby Maclaren, but when he declined, Claudia was elected as the third Guildmaster in the Guild’s history.

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Guildmaster Claudia Elmez

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