Ulfberht Blaudbeorne

bloodrager / alchemist


Ulfberht was born in the cold mountains of Munsca where only the harshest and roughest of clansmen call home. Fiercely independent and superstitious these tribes were always fighting and spilling blood over the only means of profit, mining the earth and logging the forrest.

Ulfberht’s mother was a full orc. she was the color of the snow and ice and was rumored to practice dark arts. she was soon killed on suspicion alone after Ulfberht was born though. Full orcs are rarely tolerated and magic was never tolerated. Among the men of the mountains orc lineage was not something looked down upon, in fact it was often considered attractive to have orcish characteristics. The only thing really considered taboo among the tribes was any form or use of The arcane arts. Magic itself was considered a cheap trick utilized by scheming little people who weren’t honest enough to stand toe to toe with an axe in their hands. If anyone was caught using magic they would instantly be either lynched or if they were lucky they might escape with only banishment.

Life was simple for Ulfberht. He was naturally skilled with a blade and there was always something oddly fortuitous about his battles. Growing up he noticed that sometimes his opponents would lose their grips on their weapons or they would lose their footing and stumble. He thought little of this though and soon his charisma and battle prowess elevated him to the role of clan chieftan.

As chieftan he did little to enforce the laws of the lords of Munsca and refused to collect their the taxes for them. He hated it when people meddled in the affairs of others perhaps as resentment for the killing of his mother. As a result, there were no laws or rules in his tribe and his people loved him for it.

However the Lords of Munsca did not appreciate it. They soon sent an envoy of five investigators to inquire about the missing taxes and to teach anyone involved with the missing funds a lesson. As the envoy arrived in the middle of their village the whole tribe came out to meet them except for Ulfberht who was off hunting. When questioned about the taxes, no one spoke up. No one wanted to out Ulfberht, and no one in the envoy ever thought to question their chieftan first since the lords of Munsca did not recognize chieftain authority among the tribes and thought they were all the same.

By the time Ulfberht got back the crowd was still centered around the investigators in the middle of town. As he pushed his way through the throng he got the uneasy feeling that something bad was about to happen. His skin itched and crawled as he heard one of the investigators call out, “one last time, who is responsible for the missing taxes?”

As he cleared the crowd, the people half parting in front of him and half pushing him forward, he saw in the middle of town one of the young village girls on her knees with a sword pressed to her throat. Before he could demand to know the meaning of everything, one of the ladies on the other side of the crowd, presumably the mother, cried out, “That’s him, that’s the one you want!”
The lead investigator with his sword still on the girls throat turned and spotted Ulfberht who had his eyes locked onto the girl in front of the investigator.

As if in slow motion, the investigator slid his sword across her throat. As a fountain of blood gushed out he raised his sword and Ulfberht thought he could hear the words, “capture him.” As he watched the life flee from the young girls eyes.

Two of the brutes from the envoy stepped forward with rope and saps, but Ulfberht had his sword in his hand before they could even react. Without any conscious thought to what he was doing Ulfberht felt something deep and hungry swell up from within him. A rage unlike any other he had ever experienced. His blood itself was on fire as he stepped forward and severed the arm of the first man holding the sap. The other gave him a shocked look and dropped the rope as he fumbled for his axe at his belt an instant too late as Ulfberht lopped off his head as gracefully and as easily as if he had been lopping the head off a daisy.

The three remaining men from the envoy all had time to see the events unfold and quickly reacted to pull out their own weapons. The first one stepped forward while the other two stayed back one with a bow in his hand while the lead investigator who had slit the girls throat earlier dropped his sword to pull out some materials from a pouch. The man who had approached first slipped on something unseen and Ulfberht caught his awkward lung in a parry and a quick counter stroke though his chest right as an arrow was let loose from the bowman in the back. Ulfberht knew it was coming and instinctively held the corpse of the man he had just impaled out in front of him until he heard the dull thud as the arrow pierced the flesh of the man he was holding.

He dropped the body and quickly closed the distance on the bowman to deliver a concussive blow with the hilt of his blade as he rounded on the final investigator who had just finished some sort of encantation that blew the wind from their faces. The sky grew dark as thunder cracked over head and a booming voice called out, “Kneel before your better.” Everyone else in the crowd crouched down in fear, but Ulfberht didn’t even hesitate. He deliberately paced towards him. His eyes locked with the sorcerer but instead he still pictured the girls face as she looked pleadingly at him right before being slit open. Ulfberht’s rage came gushing forth and he felt something literally flowing out of him as he brought his sword forward and smashed it down over the caster in front of him. Instantly his foe’s body turned to ice as the strike froze the caster solid for a brief second right before it shattered him as the blade went through and a thousand tiny pieces fell to the ground. There wasn’t anything left, just the ice shards of the man that had been there moments before and the eerily frozen corpses of the men he had just slain.

The townsfolk who had all been cowering moments before instantly broke out into screams of terror at what they had just witnessed. Many fleeing for the lives while others still stood their screaming and pointing at what he had just done.

As Ulfberht looked around he was hit by a wave of exhaustion and the realization of what he had just done. Not only did he kill official men on the business of the lords of Munsca, but, even worse, he had just done some sort of magic. Magic that he couldn’t explain away as mere luck or coincidence, but true elemental magic, something he felt spew forth from his very blood.

Without speaking, without looking back, Ulfbehrt went home and packed his belongings and left his clan before anyone could even come around to call on him. He wasn’t sure what everyone else was thinking, but he was pretty sure it wasn’t gratitude. All that the town folk knew was that the sky itself was pierced from above as a man was turned from flesh to ice before Ulfberht, the man who had brought down the wrath of the Lords of Munsca. He didnt know where else to go, so he started walking towards the only place that he knew of, the city Munsca itself. Surely any punishment there would be less than that he would suffer from remaining here where magic was the worst form of evil.

In Munsca he was recognized a an outsider almost immediately and since he matched the description of the half orc barbarian who had killed the Lords men, he was locked up in a jail cell while evidence could be put together for his trial.

During this time he made friends with a curious cell mate named Ocean. Ocean seemed quite interested in the telling of Ulfberht’s tale and he asked him many questions. Not only of the incident, but also many other personal questions. Questions that Ulfbehrt himself thought were strange and very hypothetical until one evening Ocean informed Ulfberht that he had passed. When Ulfberht inquired as to what Ocean was talking about, Ocean told him that more would be revealed later but that if he wished to live to see tomorrow he was welcome to follow him to the Vultani headquarters to receive further training.

Ulfberht just laughed at Ocean and told him that he was crazy. There was no way either of them were getting out of that cell. That’s when Ocean gave him a chastising look telling him, “You of all people should know that normal rules and mere walls hold no power over magic.” as he stepped aside to reveal a glowing blue portal that gave off a low hum.

Ulfberht Blaudbeorne

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