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  • Attack on The Glacier

    After finding the 'piece' of Ebnatu, battling Mage Hunters and other foes, relocating to the syvi city of The Glacier, and losing half of the Immortal Six the Heroes finally had some time to collect themselves. The Heroes took nearly thirty days to craft, …

  • Vysela Synfinder

    Vysela is the granddaughter of [[:audiel | Audiel]], and one of the most respected healers in the Glacier (particularly when it comes to mental illnesses). She was seen by the Council of 48 helping [[:synthous | Synthous]], and as is the required custom, …

  • Audiel

    Audiel is the oldest of the Syvi (at 122) and current head of the Watch of 48. She had a vision of Spot W. mortally wounded, reciting a poem relating to the Six Pieces.