Notable Links

The following is a list of links you may find useful/informative. Enjoy!

ars ludi , one of my favorite gaming blogs ever. Most of the information is directed at GMs, but there is still some good information for players. This one is good read for players.

d20 Source , another gaming blog. I find this one particularly notable.

Pathfinder SRD , the Open Gaming License legal part of the Paizo rules.

Playing D&D with Pornstars has some good stuff. I like this post, but it’s a post that really requires unpacking everything. I think understanding the dichotomy between “power fantasy” games and “solution-driven adventures” is necessary to understand in order to get all the information from it. This one is also pretty important.

I’ll mention my own blog, Goblins with Typewriters, not because of anything I say, but because of all the links to other useful bloggers on it.

Sword & Shield Fighting with Roland Warzecha doesn’t deal with RPGs, but it is a really cool video explaining the science behind fighting with a sword and shield in the iron age.

Notable Links

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