Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge 1
Two challenges this first week-
1) Make a character page for your character. Upload a short bio, prosper.

2) Answer the following basic questions about your character. Print out a copy or make a new page with your answers and link to it from your character page. Rinse, repeat (but not really).

Weekly Challenge Questionnaire

Weekly Challenge 2

1) Search the wiki until you find the page with a player secret to you. Update this page to include a link to your character page at the bottom to get your extra hero point.

Weekly Challenge 3 (ends 9/14)

1) Design another hero for the Guild. 20 point buy, level 8. They’re all Journeyman level in the Guild. No blackpowder firearms (sorry Matt). Upload or print out a stat block and a few paragraphs of biography for your hero point.

Weekyl Challenge 4 (ends 9/14)

1) Create and answer a possible quiz question for Heroes. Send it to me in an email or OP message. I’ll swiftly post an example quiz. Don’t just rip a question from the example; it’s supposed to inspire, not substitute.

Weekly Challenge

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