Six Pieces of the Whole

Attack on The Glacier

After finding the ‘piece’ of Ebnatu, battling Mage Hunters and other foes, relocating to the syvi city of The Glacier, and losing half of the Immortal Six the Heroes finally had some time to collect themselves. The Heroes took nearly thirty days to craft, train, and rest for the coming days of impending hardships.

Tak ventured off on his own for a few days to find what we knew as the deepest part of the ocean. This place of the ocean held the next piece of Ebnatu, according to Audiel’s vision of Spot. After researching the lore and history on the location of this part of the ocean and prepping himself for any type of hostile encounters, he teleported to the location of the deepest part. To his amazement, and the groups as well after learning this knowledge, it was actually a portal to the Plane of Water located within in a whale. The place Tak found himself in was a dark room filled entirely with water except for a very small island made of force. The force wall Tak was on was the largest of four walls. Each wall being smaller than the last and within each other. At the very center was located a huge beast of sorts which was evidently trapped there. Within the other walls were stones very similar to the photone stones that landed on Gaer, however; these stone seemed far more refined than the ones the Heroes knew of.

After Tak ventured on ahead and found out all of this information he returned to the rest of the group and relayed the information. As stated the Heroes were rather surprised by the location of the portal and what was within it. However; there was prepping to do. Spot W. and Tazer spent most of their time crafting magical items for the group and training. Seeing as we did not have to sleep anymore because of our power, Zuul spent a great amount of time aiding the guards of The Glacier. Synthous, with the aid of Tak, ventured to a port city mainly populated with taiga giants. Syn was seeking a warrior by the name of Caomhir for his training. After teleporting in Tak and Syn were stunned to see the sheer size of this giant. On some scales taiga giants are called huge, however; this one fell into the realm of gargantuan. After the training sessions Syn promised that he and the other Heroes would accompany Caomhir on a hunt.

After the near thirty days had came to a close, the Heroes moment of peace was cut short. It was known that anything teleporting into The Glacier would cause its defenses to react. It reacts by ‘bleeding’ from the walls. Tak had done this when first entering The Glacier and only one tear streamed down the walls. However; this time there were too many tears to count. Just moments after the tears streamed The Heroes heard Audiel’s voice within their heads stating that enemies had enter the city. The Heroes, currently within the library, hurried to Audiel’s location. The group immediately readied themselves for battle with an unknown enemy. Tak took hold of everyone before they could even move and teleported the group to where Audiel was, inside the chamber of forty-eight. As soon as The Heroes touched ground the enemy was known. It was the Knights of the Void.

WIthin the chamber was a giant beast known as a bandersnatch, six Void Knights with lions on their shield and one very familiar Knight with a moth on his shield. The Moth Knight was joined with yet another familiar face, Clint Westwood’s thought to be son. It was obvious that the Moth Knight had taken control of Audiel’s mind by the way she was acting. The Moth Knight had also been creating a heart filled with otherworldly taint. Combat soon erupted between the two groups. The Heroes managed to dispose of all the enemies within the room and release Audiel from the magic controlling her. The Heroes also learned that the identity of Clint’s son was actually a withered man with nothing more than a disguise. Even though this battle was won the siege was still ongoing. Audiel informed the Heroes of the next location of the enemy which was at the bay. The Heroes had previously instructed their companions to aid the civilians as they made their ways onto rescue boats. Yet again, Tak grabbed ahold of everyone and teleported them to The Glacier’s bay.

Almost instantly The Hero’s became overwhelmingly nauseated. It seemed that there was a type of magical field up that caused anymore who teleported into this area to become extremely sickened. The bay itself looked as if it was completely engulfed in flames and smoke. Yet, with keen senses the Heroes realized this was nothing more than an illusion. The Heroes were unfortunately greeted by large snake-like beings and fully formed lungs of taint lashed between two ships. These snakes seemed to be from the Plane of Void, a type of protean being. The Heroes knew of their strange and extremely unstable magic that such beings command. Even with their strange power the snakes were quickly dispatched. Not soon after the snakes, the lungs were also destroyed. Same as the times before, Audiel’s voice spoke to everyone within The Glacier, this time with better news. She informed everyone that the enemy had been drove back from everywhere within The Glacier except the main hall and that the Heroes should travel there now.

The center hall was filled with the remaining enemy forces and a large tainted brain. The enemies were completely overwhelmed by The Heroes within mere seconds. The brain destroyed shortly after the enemies had fallen. Audiel’s voice came up one more time, announcing the victorious defense of The Glacier.

Even with this victory many syvi people had lost their lives and many of The Heroes companions were wounded. The most important fact that the Herows learned was that nowhere is safe.

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Immortal Blood
Divine Power and Unexpected Deaths

….It’s been a long time since I’ve written about what has transpired. I apologize for this, but many things have happened and the tides of the war seem to ever shifting. We have suffered heavy loses and so far we have been unable to repay the debt and take out some of the leaders for the Sister Goddesses. But before I speak of this let me go back to where I last left you in our story of the Heroes.

I was stunned and shocked at what we had just learned from Galadrion and Malas, but at the same time almost a peace-like state over took me. It was time for us to learn of our place in this world and that was to defend the people of the planet of Gaer and stop the tyranny of the three Sister Goddesses. We were given the task by Galadrion to go and recruit those people that would see the light in what we learned and help us in our fight against Vishby and his horde..

…It was disappointing, we were only able to gather so few. Some turned their backs on us and we lost a great ally with the death of the Thunderbird. It was not the time to look back though and after the arrival of The Pirate King, a young man by the name of Spot W, who we later found out shared the Vamanatu bloodline with us, Gythruna, and the Queen of Beasts herself, we began to train for the war that was about to begin with the five Immortals. After months of brutal and enduring training we each came away with near awareness and skills. However we had one test left and that was to enter the tree in grove and find a way to tap into the Vamanatu blood inside each of us.

I remember much of the adventure inside of the tree. We faced minotaurs, who had power not typical of normal minotaurs. Also inside the tree we faced a great air elemental that proved quite a fierce foe to us, but eventually after being battered and bruised we made our way to the well. And upon interaction with the well each of us had a vision and with each vision came the key to unlocking the bloodline in each of us and thus the beginning of the return of the Vamanatu. I exited the tree with my friends and immediately upon our emergence we were briefed on a giant army waiting outside the grove and Malas was doing everything he could to hold back the army, but he was slowly dying with each second. In haste I along with Syn, Tak, Tazer and Spot W boarded the Blasted Seagull, a sky ship, piloted by a gnome, Hymak Bubap. He told us that he would fly us to the city of the mole-people and the Immortals and sky pirates would try and clear a path and hold off the army of Vishby long enough for our escape….There it was. The army encamped out in front of us. Thousands strong with creatures clearly sent here by the Sisters themselves. How could he possibly get through this army with what little numbers we had? This was no time to lose faith in the my friends gathered below. We set sail as fast as we could in the direction of Wah-Gulrarg, the citadel of the mole-people and home to the Mole God and a piece of the Shattered One. Suddenly three giant worm-like creatures were headed into our direction with the intention of destroying our ship and bringing us down into the whole of the army, along with these worms was a creature, later described to me, as a giant head with ten eyes each empowered with some magical ray it could shoot out each turn. We defeated these enemies after a tough fight. Tazer was like a machine that fight hitting the worm creatures every time they crossed his path. It seemed that our training had paid off. Hours passed away as we finally landed roughly a mile outside of Wah-Gulrarg. We quickly made our way there so that we could discover if there was a piece of Ebnatu inside the city. A group of molemen warriors intercepted us at the entrance to the city, but with some good diplomacy and someone inside referred to as the Supreme Mole Priest wanting to meet us we were led into the city. We passed by many villagers most of whom when the soldiers dispersed came up and talked to us. We were a sign, so they said, and we looked like the statues others stated. A temple stood in the middle of the city and on top of it was a giant dragon that almost appeared as stone, but was clearly living and in the ceiling of this great under the mountain city was a giant stone that gave off light in the cavern almost like a miniature sun. We approached the temple and went inside. A garden sits in the middle of the temple covered in vines and plants so as to “hide the Mole God” from view of prying eyes or so we were told. We were welcomed to the temple by an older mole, who we could only assume was the priest they spoke of, however according to Tak and some of the others with was just another one of the Sisters servants in disguise and he definitely lived up to the part. He was known as Wriggley. He was known as the Worm that Walks and was given life by the Spirit Goddess. He showed little fear in being surrounded by us, but told us that he had a gift for us behind a veiled portal. I know nothing of what was behind that portal other then the emergence of three people, one an old blind mole, one a girl who I knew not of at the time, and Capham Cluching. But with the return of Tak and Syn came a battle promoted by Wriggley. " I have a joke for you Zuul….I killed your parents." were the words he spoke to me before a giant fight would happen. I couldn’t hold my temper. This monster was responsible for the death of those I loved and the destruction of my village. I vowed he wouldn’t leave this place alive and I would do everything in my power to kill him on the spot if it wasn’t for the fact that he was a slippery bastard. I ran outside of the temple only to be faced with four giant mantises and four slug-looking things while Wriggley himself was flying in the air. I know not of what my friends were doing while Wriggley was in my sight. I quickly began punching my way through the mantis and lept to the roof were I was face to face with the dragon. Damn Wriggley was not in sight but a giant sphere of magic was in the sky. I had to get in there and find this worm. I felt something shake under me as the dragon itself began to rouse from it’s sleep. Quickly with the help of Syn and Ab we tried to dispatch the dragon before it took flight, but it was far to powerful. Ab went down. He wasn’t breathing, but I couldn’t help him with the dragon still alive. I followed it as it swooped into the air. Quickly Syn followed it into the air and Tak also took the form of one of the great beasts so to fight it in the air. While Spot and Tazer took out the rest of the bugs before they changed focus, it tore through the air in a crazy combat with Tak. It dove at Tak and connected with a powerful blow that almost brought Tak down, but with some solid hits it finally went down. Syn removed some bones so as to dispatch the dragon permanently, but Tak beat him to it with an aerial dive and sacrificed a finger to dispatch him. Aid me I asked of Tak so that I could find Wriggley. I did something that no mortal man should ever do and that was walk through this sphere of huge power only to find it empty inside. Wriggley wormed his way out of this fight and ran. ……..Ab…..(tear stain)…Had died. I knew that we had the means to resurrect him, but I was having my doubts. I didn’t want him to suffer anymore, but I could not give him up to my enemies. So we brought Ab back to us. Quickly we talked to the Mole Priest and after some distractions, and Tak’s ever presence curiosity, Tak took the Mole God to his demi-plane to see if it was really a piece of Ebnatu. At the time we thought we had failed and the piece had been taken by Wriggley. Vy the Syvi, one of the three that was rescued from the dimensional prison, shared with us that she had some vision of Synthous and that she needed to take him back to her home world were he could talk to the council of 48. After much discussions and some long talks, Tak and Syn left with Vy to the Glacier. Meanwhile Spot, Tazer and myself stayed back in Wah-Gulrarg. Spot W with a group of mole people, Capham, and Hymak headed out of the city and towards the sky ship after we all politely refused the feast that the mole people presented to us. Quickly he returned and told us that the ship had been taken over by some members of the Guild. So we quickly headed out there only to find that they were led by Monsmat Shocarou along with five others and a swarm of beetles. He spotted me as I jumped atop a rock. He made some comment on finding us out here, but clearly they got lucky. He did say one noticeable thing: Magehunters were on their way here to fight us. We quickly lept onto the ship and battle ensued. We were able to dispatch all of them, but Monsmat was able to teleport out of the battle. The crew quickly joined us back on deck and we had Hymak fly the ship back to the city and then gave the order to take it three miles from the town so that the Magehunters would not find them. I decided however that I would sit by the entrance and wait for the hunters to show up to which I did not have to wait long. Synthous had returned to the mole city a little before they showed up and the battle started and just as quickly as it started it ended for me, and the last thing I remember is floating down some river. I was being sucked into a giant chasm. All of a sudden Spot showed up and pulled me out of the water. I came too only to find that all of the hunters were dead and both Vy and Tak had returned to us. I felt strange. I needed to eat, but even when I ate my fill I still hungry. A part of me seemed to have almost been taken from me when I died, but that was something I could worry about later. We decided the best course of action was to head to the City of the Glacier. So Tak, Vy, Syn, Spot and myself teleported there, while Tazer took the crew and sky ship in an attempt to fly it around to the other face of Gaer. A court room and an elder-looking syvi were staring at us as we showed up in Glacier. Almost immediately upon our return she started to convulse. Vy said she was having a vision and she would be fine. The vision was of Spot W dying on what appeared to be a battlefield. He was reciting some poem of some sort. It was a key. Each stanza of the poem containing two clues. A name and a place. After some thinking about it Tak had an epiphany. He left along with Spot. A minute or two passed and then as if a rush of energy had hit us we felt a great power enter us all. It seemed that they had found a piece of Ebnatu. I wish my friends that I could leave you all with that great news of finding a piece, but after learning we were told some dire news. The Queen of Beasts had shown up to the Glacier. She was however mortally wounded during the fight with Vishby’s army and some creatures of the Sisters. She was dying. Cirzone was also there and she too shared grave news. Both Gythurna and Malas had fallen in the battle. Galadrion was alive but currently missing. The Queen of Beasts passed away the following day….. ….We have lost so many friends. But they will not die in vain. We continue on our journey to become the Heroes we were destined to be from the beginning. We will fulfill whatever prophecy that has been written in history and we will bring Ebnatu back to this world and stop the Sisters.

From the Journal of Zuul

More than Mortals

We entered the tower and began our journey in search of the sword. We knew nothing about the tower other then what we had explored through Tazer’s mechanical bird and Tak’s giant dragon. We knew that there was a dragon within the tower and that she would surely get in our way and try kill us if we confronted her, but after that we knew nothing else of the Tower, besides one door.

We made our way to the first level of the tower where we met Tshwar, who was some librarian or something. I wasn’t paying close attention because I was waiting to see if Cirzone was going to show her face. She didn’t and we eventually went on our way. Floor after floor we found nothing besides more mummies, libraries and passages. Until we came across a floor with a crystal floor and a dark passage devoid of light off to the side. Immediately Synthous headed that way with both Tak and Clint close by to him. Me and Tazer waited closer to where we came in when we heard footsteps approaching us. We acted on instinct and I made for the chandelier, while Tazer disappeared and left for the dark passage, while creating a fog.

And then she appeared. Cirzone. As soon as she appeared on the other side of the fog Tazer’s golem charged at her with blinding speed in an attempt to slow her down and take her out, but she destroyed it not soon after it reached her, and she seemed to be looking around for us. However she was unable to find us before, the floor collapsed. The only thing we saw and heard was Tazer shouting at her and then a giant flash and the shattering of crystal as everything was destroyed. We made our way through the tower when we came to the door that Tak had seen through Char. We were eventually able to open the door and step through where we were meet with six large adamantine like statues covered in ice, along with the floor being completely covered in ice. The room was freezing cold and there was a door at the end of the tunnel. As we made our way to the center of the room things took a twist as the door we just came through slammed shut and the statues before us came to life. We were able to make quick work of them, but it seemed like we were stuck in the room, when the door behind us opened up and we were met by an empty hall. However, Tazer soon revealed himself and we were able to open the door in front of us to carry on our journey.

As we made our way up the steps we came to a room that was separated by a passage that went left and right. We first choose the path that went right and made our way to a room that sounded like the wind was embodied in there. We walked in and sitting in the middle of this room was a pedestal that held a book that was open. Clint decided he was going to try and approach the book and started stepping towards it, when suddenly a giant wind storm with hurricane wind speeds just picked up in front of the pedestal. I could see nothing that was happening, but one by one my party members keep walking into the wind tunnel. Eventually I was able to see what was going on when someone lighted up the inside of the tunnel. Synthous was holding what appeared to be a book that looked to be very old and somewhat evil and it looked like they were all arguing over it, so I decided to destroy whatever it was with an arrow, however as it made its way to the book it was quickly destroyed by the book itself and Clint yelled at me asking why I was trying to destroy his soul, but I had no idea what he was talking about. He soon explained how he had the memory of creating the book and putting his soul inside of it, and as Tak kept reading in the book he soon came to a page where there were memories that almost seemed to be out of place in the book themselves. We decided to take it with us and use it as a bargaining chip with the Lich in the levels above. We went back to the room with the hallways leading left and right and went left this time. As we continued on through the tower we made it to what appeared to be a treasure room, but I didn’t pay much attention to what was inside, but instead was waiting to see what would be greeting us this far up in the tower.

After looking through the treasure we continued on through the tower towards a spiral staircase. After listening intently for a few seconds we were able to hear the sounds of someone talking upstairs, but we continued on anyways. What we were met by was an ancient man sitting there talking to what appeared to be a statue of someone he knew. It was Amon Thar and he appeared to be talking to what we knew at the time was an image of Amon Garuth. Who was the warlock who had given his life to banish the Knights of the Void the first time. During our talk with Amon Thar the room was as tense as all could be. We knew that there was almost no way to beat this man, but we thought that if we gave him his soul in exchange for Rudain’s Fire, which sat at his hip, we would be able to leave this place in peace. When it seemed like all hope was lost and we wouldn’t be able to make it out of here without fighting him, Tazer brought the simulacrum to life and began speaking with Amon Thar. He told him that we needed the sword and that we meant him no harm. Eventually we were able to get the sword as I walked forward to take it from him. We left the chamber and the last image we saw was of Amon Thar being embraced by his simulacrum of his grandson Amon Garuth.

We continued on through the tower back the way we came so that we could leave and be on our way to Vishby. However as we made it to the room of stone we met up with Cirzone. At this time Tazer had the sword and told her that he would free her of the bindings placed on her, but only if she didn’t kill the Lich. As things got heated she decided to breathe steam at him, but it looked almost as if it didn’t affect Tazer. Then as he spoke the words of power he seemed to grow in size and his voice changed, but what we saw was a second chain appearing around her neck and the first one disappearing. After he had done that he told her where to find some treasure that we didn’t take. As she walked past us she did everything to avoid Tazer, but she bumped into me and Clint as if we were in her way. We made our way to the end of the tower where Tak met with Tshwar where he asked him if he would like to be his chief librarian and showed him the book. When he agreed Tak grabbed me and Tshwar and we teleported to what appeared to be his demi-plane. Where we met Driztopher Crue for the second time, who appeared to have been reading the entire time. He told us how he could have left the entire time, but he didn’t. I asked him if he was ready to go home and we teleported him to a place he describe. I told him he was free to do as he pleased and before we left to meet with our team again I told him, Farewell Friend.

As we returned to outside the tower we were greeted as heroes as everyone cheered and celebrated us returning and with the sword. We told Vishby who was extremely excited to hear about us retrieving it and asked us to return immediately, when I reminded him of the fight going on outside. He asked if it was worth risking the loss of the sword over helping to save the town. I reminded him that we were heroes and that by winning even one small battle we might be able to change the tide of the entire war. He said to be careful and with that we headed to the city to help bring an end to the fight that was happening outside in the streets.

As soon as we made our way outside of the underbelly of Dögvaldur and Clint came up through the sewer hole we were met by a Knight of the Void, a bunch of kids and one kid that appeared to look exactly like Clint. It appeared as if these kids were not of their own mind and neither way Clint. The kid that looked like Clint’s son raised his hands and as if they were pistols fired lines of black energy into Synthous. Immediately Tak dispelled the effect that took hold of Clint, who took his anger out on the Knight of the Void. After dealing with a couple of the kids, the Knight, who looked extremely beat up touched the kid that looked like Clint and teleported away which left us standing alone with the kids that came into the battle with him. Some were races we had never even seen, so we gathered them together and moved them to a safe location.

After that little encounter we continued on through the city where we met with other Knights and their black beasts. We quickly disposed of them, but were met by a familiar face, her henchmen and a golem she had created. It was Goldhelm. She and Tazer appeared to be having a conversation before all hell broke loose. During the conversation she pulled out a white sword and was imbued with power much the same way that Tazer was when he used Rudain’s Fire. Eventually Tazer pulled out Amos Gamouth and showed her that he could wield that one as well and that’s when all hell broke loose. The Golem picked her up and began to grapple her, thanks to Tazer and then we began a fight with her henchmen. As the fight was going on half of a giant downed skyship came to life and made it way over to me and began to attack me as if on a mind of its own. Soon the battlefield had become a fight of ships, pirates and heroes. Eventually we had gained the upper hand. Goldhelm had teleported to the top of the ship deck, where she was saying some things, when it looked like nature itself wanted her dead. Synthous elephant appeared on the deck as well as some monkeys that Tak had summoned. The last thing we heard was “Oh, Shit” as Goldhelm teleported away, but without her sword which the monkey’s had managed to steal. With her golem in Tazer’s control and her henchmen all dead but one we had defeated Goldhelm, but had let her escape, but Tazer now had two swords, and then suddenly a third was well.

After our battle with Goldhelm, we thought we could finally leave this place when suddenly a giant anchor from the skyship above landed in the ground. As soon as it landed all of the sky pirates began to cheer, and what we saw was a black figure jump out of the ship, sail through the sky using the anchor and land. As soon as he landed he began running his way towards us. We prepared for the worst as Synthous took the lead position and was going to use a javelin that he had found, we didn’t know if he could hit this man though and I tried to help by summoning my ki and bestowing part of it into his weapon. As the man approached Synthous hit him with the javelin and he spot one word “No”. However we didn’t think that would be the last of him so we gathered together and teleported ourselves to a familiar place. We were inside the tomb of Albon Rudain. We had some unfinished business to attend to, before we thought about returning to Vishby. However as we entered the tomb we had a talk amongst the heroes about the Guild. We had learned from Tazer that Amaras Fefalas was actually his grandfather Galadrian, who had been watching over Tazer and us the entire time and that we could not trust the guild or Vishby himself. It turned into a talk about weather we could trust them or not, and as the conversation continued on we one by one took off our rings and destroyed them, all except for Clint who didn’t believe that Vishby was evil and the guild mislead. So he kept his ring on. I even broke my vow of silence to help try and explain to Clint that it was the right choice and that we needed to trust what we were told and step away from the heroes of the guild. We slept for what felt like the first time in an eternity, and it was a peaceful sleep. We awoke the next day and went down a familiar passage which leads to a great white dragon by the name of, Galmarthoran. As we entered his resting place, we heard the great voice tell us, that he had been waiting and that he knew we would return. We owed him a favor and Tazer went and stood forth in front of the great Dragon and released him of his duties. One last word was heard as the dragon was freed and it was “Thank you”. We then entered the tomb of Albon Rudain and looked about to see if anything was out of place. We found nothing.

At this time we didn’t know what came next, because we had decided not to return to the guild. We decided it was time to go talk Malas who might be able to give us some insight on what to do. As we teleported and made our way inside to Malas’ territory we were greeted by a sight we never thought we would see. It was Malas sitting under a tree with none other then Galadrian himself. Immediately Tazer ran forward and embraced his Grandfather. We were asked to sit down and enjoy a meal as they had many things to discuss with us after they answered many questions we had. Eventually after answering all of our questions, and learning many great things, Galadrian and Malas decided it was time to tell us the true story behind the Shattered One and who we all really were.

He told us the story of how they Shattered One was not the corrupt jealous one, but that it was his Daughter’s that imprisoned him because they wanted his power. They also told us that the god’s we knew of on the plant were just some form of the three sisters. They grew more powerful based on how many people believed and followed them; we also learned that the Knights of the Void were trying to fight them as well by gaining as many followers as they possibly could. While we took all of this end, it was strange to see the world we knew completely shift and change before our eyes. After learning of the sisters we learned of the hierarchy of beings within the world and learned how Malas, who was the last spirit of the Treants, the Pirate King, who was a knight of the void who broke off, Galadrian, who was an elf, Gythurna, who was a dragon, Amon Gamuth, who was the human warlock who sealed the knights, and the Queen of the beast, which is obvious what she is, were known as the Six. Immortal beings that were put in Gaer to protect and survive Ebnatu.

We also learned that we were not mortals, but of Immortal blood. We are known as the Vamanatu. Legendary immortals that were once hunted because of our connection with Ebnatu, so our “ancestors” fled to different corners of Gaer, and now we are all back together and are being asked to once again put our lives in danger to not only stop the Knights and the Sisters, but to resurrect and bring back Ebnatu.
We are no longer mortals, and the time for change as come. We begin our journey to bring back our god, so that we can bring back order to the world once again.

Adventure to Dögvaldur

Upon the settling of the conflict in Bahya we left for the Guild once more, where our stay would last no longer then a day. Immediately we were told of the unrest happening around the continent, and each member of the guild was being sent to do a job. Vishby was to leave and take the right hand spot to the Duke of Rudain, while other Guild-members were being sent to fight in various conflicts, however we would join neither.

We instead were told of the location of the sword and were dispatched there with a handful of guild-members of varying levels in the guild and a couple well renowned members. So we left the Guild that day. Those within the party were Synthous, Clint, Tazer, Zuul, Ab the Giant, Captain Capham Cluching, Waykor and various guild members. We left for the South and for a city in Munsca known as Dögvaldur, where we were to find Lady Estebella, who is said to be the last person to living to know the location of the legendary sword, Rudain’s Fire.

During our journey to the city we spent many a minute arguing over how we would retrieve the sword, during which many ideas were thrown around, when we finally agreed upon using Waykor’s talent of disguise and our guild-members to fake him in as royalty. However things went south, like they always do, upon entering the city and leaving the ship. Just after Waykor and his men left we were greeted by what sounded like a battle erupting forth from the city. We went to check it out at the front gate when we were confronted by the Rhyne mages and their Minophants.

At first they were hostile telling us to come no further, however me and Synthous were able to talk our way out of trouble and into them allowing us to help them, when Clint got antsy and decided to fly up and check out what was happening. We broke out into fight and slaughtered them like it was nothing, however this brought in a new set of problems. We were now enemies of the city itself as well.

After the small battle we learned of the blacksmith being burned down and Lady Estebella being killed. Well this put a huge hold on our mission, but we still needed to find the sword. So we left immediately for the last known location of the sword, which was somewhere inside the city. We were met by our newest member of the Guild and fellow hero Tak. He seemed to know quite a bit about the city and its history as well as we continued to travel through the city looking for the sword. Eventually we ran into a familiar face. Waykor.

He told us that the Estebella was not dead and saw her running through the streets, he also explained how he didn’t see anything underneath the city in the tunnels, but that is a story for a later time. We followed the trail of Estebella, where we were met with force from her Minophants and Mages. We tried to talk our way into the citadel, but eventually we were forced to fight. After what seemed like 5 minutes we defeated her army and captured her.

Upon interrogating her we learned what was happening to the city and why she was running. Early in the day she had been captured and tortured by the Vultani. She also stated how the last place the sword was located was under the giant statue in the city. Her great-grandfather had gone insane and locked himself within the tower and has allowed no one inside for the past 50-60 years. After her talk, I gave her a potion to heal her wounds and told her that she was free to go.

Upon learning of this information we descended for the tower under the statue. However Waykor was adamant about there being no tower under the city. However upon closer examining the underground Tak and his massive dragon were able to fly us through a glamour spell and we could see the tower, but we were immediately set upon by the Vultani.

A fierce fight broke out between sides, and things seemed to be heavily in our favor. Synthous was cutting down those in his path, Clint was smoking the others away with his guns. Tazer and Tak were using their magic to turn the battle in our favor more and I was using my bow to take care of whoever was still in the way.

At one point during the fight Tazer was set upon by and invisible man who meant to kill him in one strike, however we were able to prevent this from happening and he merely sustained minor wounds. He then used his magic to bring this man to vision for us, where he was stuck and cut down by me and Synthous. We thought we had defeated them all when were suddenly ambushed by one last man who attempted to take my life, but with quick reflex and timing I was able to move out of the way and put an arrow in him which brought him to vision, and it was none other then Driztopher Crue. We quickly turned our attention and fought him with all our might, when he almost fell to his death, however he was caught by Synthous who instinctively picked him up to slam him and finish him off, however a feeling over came me to show this man mercy and I drew my bow against my ally. I fired a shot to keep him from killing him. After which got me some stares from my allies, expect for Tak who seems to be elsewhere.

When then questioned Dritopher Crue about why they were here, what was going on in the city and what they were after. He answered them all by explaining how a war was happening out in the city and that the Vultani were here to capture the sword Rudain’s Fire, however they were unable to get inside the Tower because of the magic protecting it. He also told us that one of the men killed in this fight was the leader of the Vultani. After hearing everything he told us, I let him know he was free to go. But as he tried to leave he was set upon by Clint and Synthous asking what was going on. However with help from Tak, Driztopher was able to escape and leave with his life.

Finally after things had cleared we reached the door to the tower, which had Draconic ruins surrounding it and saying that nothing mortal may pass through it. However both Tazer’s golem and Tak’s dragon could walk through the door without problem and we were able to discover much about the tower and its chambers, we were also able to discover that the higher levels were protected by what appeared to be a dragon whose power was greater then our’s. We also realized that there was only one way through the tower. Synthous took the helm and ran through the magical barrier, where he was thrown through the other side, but in a weakened condition. However more arguing ensued and eventually Vishby himself showed up to help us. However when he tried to walk through the barrier he was thrown out back at us. He was baffled, but it struck a cord with me and with one final remark I wrote to Vishby telling him, “We are more then mortals”, then grabbing my things I ran straight at the barrier followed close behind by Tak. Eventually even Clint and Tazer followed suit.

Vishby gave us one last present after we cleared the gate. They were potions that would restore our strength for the challenges ahead. And this is were we are left…inside the tower where the legendary sword, Amous Gamoth or Rudain’s Fire is being held…

By Zuul

Heroes of the Guild

So our story begins…

Set in the Fifth Age of Man, when war is upon all of those who are unfortunate to live in the area of Aroupe. With the Molemen advancing from the north and the Efreet attacking from the south, and the Pirates in the skies. Now a new threat has arisen with the opening of the void and the Knights of the Void return once again. There is, however, one group who has taken arms and brought back the time of the heroes to fight these foes and banish them from the lands once and for all.

This is where our story begins. We, the Heroes of the Guild, nothing more then a group of four adventures that stumbled upon this great Guild when we abandoned our plagued past and looked towards a brighter future. The four of us travel together to save, gain fame, and change the future of this province of Aroupe. Tazer, a half-elf technomancer; Zuul, a human monk; Synthous, half-orc barbarian; and Clint Westwood, a human photone duelist. Summoned by Vishby to undertake the stopping of the Knights of the Void and our overall goal of stopping the Shattered One from returning.

Beginning with merely trying to find out why certain groups are doing what they are doing we began our adventure. Traveling through perilous dungeons and fighting other-worldly beings we began. We traveled to the city of Silver’s Deep where we tried to understand the meaning behind the decisions made by Kenton Grimhawk and the black clouds surrounding the city. Upon entering the city we were met with brute force and eventually attacked by bats the sizes of horses who seemed to be more then bats. After defeating them and freeing the people we were knighted under the banner of Silver’s Deep by Kenton (all besides Clint, who was already a champion of his brother Redgar).

After this, we were sent North to Brellymines, where we would meet the Molemen and their Molten dragon. This would be a battle that would live in the legends as we fought fiercely against an army of Molemen and their dragon. They were however no match for the Heroes of the Guild. We defeated them that day and gained fame unlimited throughout the land.

Leaving Brellymiens behind we told Guildfather Vishby of our success and were immediately sent out again to the town of Silver’s Deep, where we came face to face with something we knew not of. We approached the gate and were instantly arrested by Kenton and his men. We knew not why, but it did not matter because something was strange here. It was here that we would come face to face with the man known as Sebastian LeStran who was no man, but a Knight of the Void in disguise. We battled inside the keep and fought with all our might. We defeated him that day and freed the people of Silver’s Deep and Kenton Grimhawk. We took our awards and once again reported to the Guild where we had a few months break before we began again another adventure.

Upon returning to the guild we learned of many things. The death of Driztopher Crue after his removal from the Guild and of the spring events taking place in the North. We headed there, and little did we know what we would discover. It was the birth place of the bastard son Driztopher Crue. We met his father and in a fashion known by orcs, Syn told him how his son had died and no one could find his body. After joyfully partaking in the events at the festival it was time for us to once again set out on our adventures.

We began our journey of tracking down the legendary sword known as Amos Gamuth. The Dragon Tamer, RuDain’s Fire. A sword that goes by many names, but none that concerned us if we could not find it. We ran into a half-orc by the name of Grum who lead us to place of white, where the elf Malas lived. He sent us on a quest to destroy the blackness that was clouding his vision. We took on his quest and ventured far underground were we fought the undead. Eventually leading us to a giant chamber guarded by a skeleton dragon. Upon the destruction of the dragon, we ventured lower into the chamber where we were surrounded by the undead. None tried to fight us, but just pointed us in the right direction. We made our way to a chamber and in this chamber was a heart that was black as coal, surrounded by three undead men. After fighting them off, we destroyed the heart and with it the blackness in Malas’s vision. We entered the chamber where all the undead where when we first walked in an noticed they were all gone, but there were caverns full of treasure to be taken. We also found a long tunnel guarded by a dragon who was monstrous by all means. He told of us a quest he wanted us to partake in. He wanted us to find the sword and bring it to him so that he may be freed. From there we left and returned to Malas and told him of our success.

We then headed back to the guild of Heroes where we learned of the death of the Guildmaster, Brum Bluestone. He had been murdered by the Keeper of Records, Amaras. Who escaped after a battle with the now Guildmaster Claudia. Vishby gave us one final task before he departed to sit at the left hand of the Duke and help him with the battle. We were to leave and search for the sword.

So we packed our bags, put on our disguises and left for Munsca. Upon the way we were attacked by a strange group of people known as the Vultani led by none other than Driztopher Crue. After defending ourselves, we continued on our journey. We were attacked by a giant Thunderbird, somewhere in the Badlands. After defending ourselves as best as we could we began a fast descent and crashed landed in the city of Bahya. We were faced with the task of killing an imposter who called himself Syn the Redeemer. After killing him, we were told that we had just helped quell a rebellion of slaves. We where then told to decide if they should be redeemed or killed. We chose to allow them to redeem themselves. This is where our adventure has ended…for now.

By Zuul

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