Six Pieces of the Whole

Adventure to Dögvaldur

Upon the settling of the conflict in Bahya we left for the Guild once more, where our stay would last no longer then a day. Immediately we were told of the unrest happening around the continent, and each member of the guild was being sent to do a job. Vishby was to leave and take the right hand spot to the Duke of Rudain, while other Guild-members were being sent to fight in various conflicts, however we would join neither.

We instead were told of the location of the sword and were dispatched there with a handful of guild-members of varying levels in the guild and a couple well renowned members. So we left the Guild that day. Those within the party were Synthous, Clint, Tazer, Zuul, Ab the Giant, Captain Capham Cluching, Waykor and various guild members. We left for the South and for a city in Munsca known as Dögvaldur, where we were to find Lady Estebella, who is said to be the last person to living to know the location of the legendary sword, Rudain’s Fire.

During our journey to the city we spent many a minute arguing over how we would retrieve the sword, during which many ideas were thrown around, when we finally agreed upon using Waykor’s talent of disguise and our guild-members to fake him in as royalty. However things went south, like they always do, upon entering the city and leaving the ship. Just after Waykor and his men left we were greeted by what sounded like a battle erupting forth from the city. We went to check it out at the front gate when we were confronted by the Rhyne mages and their Minophants.

At first they were hostile telling us to come no further, however me and Synthous were able to talk our way out of trouble and into them allowing us to help them, when Clint got antsy and decided to fly up and check out what was happening. We broke out into fight and slaughtered them like it was nothing, however this brought in a new set of problems. We were now enemies of the city itself as well.

After the small battle we learned of the blacksmith being burned down and Lady Estebella being killed. Well this put a huge hold on our mission, but we still needed to find the sword. So we left immediately for the last known location of the sword, which was somewhere inside the city. We were met by our newest member of the Guild and fellow hero Tak. He seemed to know quite a bit about the city and its history as well as we continued to travel through the city looking for the sword. Eventually we ran into a familiar face. Waykor.

He told us that the Estebella was not dead and saw her running through the streets, he also explained how he didn’t see anything underneath the city in the tunnels, but that is a story for a later time. We followed the trail of Estebella, where we were met with force from her Minophants and Mages. We tried to talk our way into the citadel, but eventually we were forced to fight. After what seemed like 5 minutes we defeated her army and captured her.

Upon interrogating her we learned what was happening to the city and why she was running. Early in the day she had been captured and tortured by the Vultani. She also stated how the last place the sword was located was under the giant statue in the city. Her great-grandfather had gone insane and locked himself within the tower and has allowed no one inside for the past 50-60 years. After her talk, I gave her a potion to heal her wounds and told her that she was free to go.

Upon learning of this information we descended for the tower under the statue. However Waykor was adamant about there being no tower under the city. However upon closer examining the underground Tak and his massive dragon were able to fly us through a glamour spell and we could see the tower, but we were immediately set upon by the Vultani.

A fierce fight broke out between sides, and things seemed to be heavily in our favor. Synthous was cutting down those in his path, Clint was smoking the others away with his guns. Tazer and Tak were using their magic to turn the battle in our favor more and I was using my bow to take care of whoever was still in the way.

At one point during the fight Tazer was set upon by and invisible man who meant to kill him in one strike, however we were able to prevent this from happening and he merely sustained minor wounds. He then used his magic to bring this man to vision for us, where he was stuck and cut down by me and Synthous. We thought we had defeated them all when were suddenly ambushed by one last man who attempted to take my life, but with quick reflex and timing I was able to move out of the way and put an arrow in him which brought him to vision, and it was none other then Driztopher Crue. We quickly turned our attention and fought him with all our might, when he almost fell to his death, however he was caught by Synthous who instinctively picked him up to slam him and finish him off, however a feeling over came me to show this man mercy and I drew my bow against my ally. I fired a shot to keep him from killing him. After which got me some stares from my allies, expect for Tak who seems to be elsewhere.

When then questioned Dritopher Crue about why they were here, what was going on in the city and what they were after. He answered them all by explaining how a war was happening out in the city and that the Vultani were here to capture the sword Rudain’s Fire, however they were unable to get inside the Tower because of the magic protecting it. He also told us that one of the men killed in this fight was the leader of the Vultani. After hearing everything he told us, I let him know he was free to go. But as he tried to leave he was set upon by Clint and Synthous asking what was going on. However with help from Tak, Driztopher was able to escape and leave with his life.

Finally after things had cleared we reached the door to the tower, which had Draconic ruins surrounding it and saying that nothing mortal may pass through it. However both Tazer’s golem and Tak’s dragon could walk through the door without problem and we were able to discover much about the tower and its chambers, we were also able to discover that the higher levels were protected by what appeared to be a dragon whose power was greater then our’s. We also realized that there was only one way through the tower. Synthous took the helm and ran through the magical barrier, where he was thrown through the other side, but in a weakened condition. However more arguing ensued and eventually Vishby himself showed up to help us. However when he tried to walk through the barrier he was thrown out back at us. He was baffled, but it struck a cord with me and with one final remark I wrote to Vishby telling him, “We are more then mortals”, then grabbing my things I ran straight at the barrier followed close behind by Tak. Eventually even Clint and Tazer followed suit.

Vishby gave us one last present after we cleared the gate. They were potions that would restore our strength for the challenges ahead. And this is were we are left…inside the tower where the legendary sword, Amous Gamoth or Rudain’s Fire is being held…

By Zuul


Courage is not about knowing when to take a life, but when to spare one.

Adventure to Dögvaldur

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