Six Pieces of the Whole

Heroes of the Guild


So our story begins…

Set in the Fifth Age of Man, when war is upon all of those who are unfortunate to live in the area of Aroupe. With the Molemen advancing from the north and the Efreet attacking from the south, and the Pirates in the skies. Now a new threat has arisen with the opening of the void and the Knights of the Void return once again. There is, however, one group who has taken arms and brought back the time of the heroes to fight these foes and banish them from the lands once and for all.

This is where our story begins. We, the Heroes of the Guild, nothing more then a group of four adventures that stumbled upon this great Guild when we abandoned our plagued past and looked towards a brighter future. The four of us travel together to save, gain fame, and change the future of this province of Aroupe. Tazer, a half-elf technomancer; Zuul, a human monk; Synthous, half-orc barbarian; and Clint Westwood, a human photone duelist. Summoned by Vishby to undertake the stopping of the Knights of the Void and our overall goal of stopping the Shattered One from returning.

Beginning with merely trying to find out why certain groups are doing what they are doing we began our adventure. Traveling through perilous dungeons and fighting other-worldly beings we began. We traveled to the city of Silver’s Deep where we tried to understand the meaning behind the decisions made by Kenton Grimhawk and the black clouds surrounding the city. Upon entering the city we were met with brute force and eventually attacked by bats the sizes of horses who seemed to be more then bats. After defeating them and freeing the people we were knighted under the banner of Silver’s Deep by Kenton (all besides Clint, who was already a champion of his brother Redgar).

After this, we were sent North to Brellymines, where we would meet the Molemen and their Molten dragon. This would be a battle that would live in the legends as we fought fiercely against an army of Molemen and their dragon. They were however no match for the Heroes of the Guild. We defeated them that day and gained fame unlimited throughout the land.

Leaving Brellymiens behind we told Guildfather Vishby of our success and were immediately sent out again to the town of Silver’s Deep, where we came face to face with something we knew not of. We approached the gate and were instantly arrested by Kenton and his men. We knew not why, but it did not matter because something was strange here. It was here that we would come face to face with the man known as Sebastian LeStran who was no man, but a Knight of the Void in disguise. We battled inside the keep and fought with all our might. We defeated him that day and freed the people of Silver’s Deep and Kenton Grimhawk. We took our awards and once again reported to the Guild where we had a few months break before we began again another adventure.

Upon returning to the guild we learned of many things. The death of Driztopher Crue after his removal from the Guild and of the spring events taking place in the North. We headed there, and little did we know what we would discover. It was the birth place of the bastard son Driztopher Crue. We met his father and in a fashion known by orcs, Syn told him how his son had died and no one could find his body. After joyfully partaking in the events at the festival it was time for us to once again set out on our adventures.

We began our journey of tracking down the legendary sword known as Amos Gamuth. The Dragon Tamer, RuDain’s Fire. A sword that goes by many names, but none that concerned us if we could not find it. We ran into a half-orc by the name of Grum who lead us to place of white, where the elf Malas lived. He sent us on a quest to destroy the blackness that was clouding his vision. We took on his quest and ventured far underground were we fought the undead. Eventually leading us to a giant chamber guarded by a skeleton dragon. Upon the destruction of the dragon, we ventured lower into the chamber where we were surrounded by the undead. None tried to fight us, but just pointed us in the right direction. We made our way to a chamber and in this chamber was a heart that was black as coal, surrounded by three undead men. After fighting them off, we destroyed the heart and with it the blackness in Malas’s vision. We entered the chamber where all the undead where when we first walked in an noticed they were all gone, but there were caverns full of treasure to be taken. We also found a long tunnel guarded by a dragon who was monstrous by all means. He told of us a quest he wanted us to partake in. He wanted us to find the sword and bring it to him so that he may be freed. From there we left and returned to Malas and told him of our success.

We then headed back to the guild of Heroes where we learned of the death of the Guildmaster, Brum Bluestone. He had been murdered by the Keeper of Records, Amaras. Who escaped after a battle with the now Guildmaster Claudia. Vishby gave us one final task before he departed to sit at the left hand of the Duke and help him with the battle. We were to leave and search for the sword.

So we packed our bags, put on our disguises and left for Munsca. Upon the way we were attacked by a strange group of people known as the Vultani led by none other than Driztopher Crue. After defending ourselves, we continued on our journey. We were attacked by a giant Thunderbird, somewhere in the Badlands. After defending ourselves as best as we could we began a fast descent and crashed landed in the city of Bahya. We were faced with the task of killing an imposter who called himself Syn the Redeemer. After killing him, we were told that we had just helped quell a rebellion of slaves. We where then told to decide if they should be redeemed or killed. We chose to allow them to redeem themselves. This is where our adventure has ended…for now.

By Zuul



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