Six Pieces of the Whole

More than Mortals

We entered the tower and began our journey in search of the sword. We knew nothing about the tower other then what we had explored through Tazer’s mechanical bird and Tak’s giant dragon. We knew that there was a dragon within the tower and that she would surely get in our way and try kill us if we confronted her, but after that we knew nothing else of the Tower, besides one door.

We made our way to the first level of the tower where we met Tshwar, who was some librarian or something. I wasn’t paying close attention because I was waiting to see if Cirzone was going to show her face. She didn’t and we eventually went on our way. Floor after floor we found nothing besides more mummies, libraries and passages. Until we came across a floor with a crystal floor and a dark passage devoid of light off to the side. Immediately Synthous headed that way with both Tak and Clint close by to him. Me and Tazer waited closer to where we came in when we heard footsteps approaching us. We acted on instinct and I made for the chandelier, while Tazer disappeared and left for the dark passage, while creating a fog.

And then she appeared. Cirzone. As soon as she appeared on the other side of the fog Tazer’s golem charged at her with blinding speed in an attempt to slow her down and take her out, but she destroyed it not soon after it reached her, and she seemed to be looking around for us. However she was unable to find us before, the floor collapsed. The only thing we saw and heard was Tazer shouting at her and then a giant flash and the shattering of crystal as everything was destroyed. We made our way through the tower when we came to the door that Tak had seen through Char. We were eventually able to open the door and step through where we were meet with six large adamantine like statues covered in ice, along with the floor being completely covered in ice. The room was freezing cold and there was a door at the end of the tunnel. As we made our way to the center of the room things took a twist as the door we just came through slammed shut and the statues before us came to life. We were able to make quick work of them, but it seemed like we were stuck in the room, when the door behind us opened up and we were met by an empty hall. However, Tazer soon revealed himself and we were able to open the door in front of us to carry on our journey.

As we made our way up the steps we came to a room that was separated by a passage that went left and right. We first choose the path that went right and made our way to a room that sounded like the wind was embodied in there. We walked in and sitting in the middle of this room was a pedestal that held a book that was open. Clint decided he was going to try and approach the book and started stepping towards it, when suddenly a giant wind storm with hurricane wind speeds just picked up in front of the pedestal. I could see nothing that was happening, but one by one my party members keep walking into the wind tunnel. Eventually I was able to see what was going on when someone lighted up the inside of the tunnel. Synthous was holding what appeared to be a book that looked to be very old and somewhat evil and it looked like they were all arguing over it, so I decided to destroy whatever it was with an arrow, however as it made its way to the book it was quickly destroyed by the book itself and Clint yelled at me asking why I was trying to destroy his soul, but I had no idea what he was talking about. He soon explained how he had the memory of creating the book and putting his soul inside of it, and as Tak kept reading in the book he soon came to a page where there were memories that almost seemed to be out of place in the book themselves. We decided to take it with us and use it as a bargaining chip with the Lich in the levels above. We went back to the room with the hallways leading left and right and went left this time. As we continued on through the tower we made it to what appeared to be a treasure room, but I didn’t pay much attention to what was inside, but instead was waiting to see what would be greeting us this far up in the tower.

After looking through the treasure we continued on through the tower towards a spiral staircase. After listening intently for a few seconds we were able to hear the sounds of someone talking upstairs, but we continued on anyways. What we were met by was an ancient man sitting there talking to what appeared to be a statue of someone he knew. It was Amon Thar and he appeared to be talking to what we knew at the time was an image of Amon Garuth. Who was the warlock who had given his life to banish the Knights of the Void the first time. During our talk with Amon Thar the room was as tense as all could be. We knew that there was almost no way to beat this man, but we thought that if we gave him his soul in exchange for Rudain’s Fire, which sat at his hip, we would be able to leave this place in peace. When it seemed like all hope was lost and we wouldn’t be able to make it out of here without fighting him, Tazer brought the simulacrum to life and began speaking with Amon Thar. He told him that we needed the sword and that we meant him no harm. Eventually we were able to get the sword as I walked forward to take it from him. We left the chamber and the last image we saw was of Amon Thar being embraced by his simulacrum of his grandson Amon Garuth.

We continued on through the tower back the way we came so that we could leave and be on our way to Vishby. However as we made it to the room of stone we met up with Cirzone. At this time Tazer had the sword and told her that he would free her of the bindings placed on her, but only if she didn’t kill the Lich. As things got heated she decided to breathe steam at him, but it looked almost as if it didn’t affect Tazer. Then as he spoke the words of power he seemed to grow in size and his voice changed, but what we saw was a second chain appearing around her neck and the first one disappearing. After he had done that he told her where to find some treasure that we didn’t take. As she walked past us she did everything to avoid Tazer, but she bumped into me and Clint as if we were in her way. We made our way to the end of the tower where Tak met with Tshwar where he asked him if he would like to be his chief librarian and showed him the book. When he agreed Tak grabbed me and Tshwar and we teleported to what appeared to be his demi-plane. Where we met Driztopher Crue for the second time, who appeared to have been reading the entire time. He told us how he could have left the entire time, but he didn’t. I asked him if he was ready to go home and we teleported him to a place he describe. I told him he was free to do as he pleased and before we left to meet with our team again I told him, Farewell Friend.

As we returned to outside the tower we were greeted as heroes as everyone cheered and celebrated us returning and with the sword. We told Vishby who was extremely excited to hear about us retrieving it and asked us to return immediately, when I reminded him of the fight going on outside. He asked if it was worth risking the loss of the sword over helping to save the town. I reminded him that we were heroes and that by winning even one small battle we might be able to change the tide of the entire war. He said to be careful and with that we headed to the city to help bring an end to the fight that was happening outside in the streets.

As soon as we made our way outside of the underbelly of Dögvaldur and Clint came up through the sewer hole we were met by a Knight of the Void, a bunch of kids and one kid that appeared to look exactly like Clint. It appeared as if these kids were not of their own mind and neither way Clint. The kid that looked like Clint’s son raised his hands and as if they were pistols fired lines of black energy into Synthous. Immediately Tak dispelled the effect that took hold of Clint, who took his anger out on the Knight of the Void. After dealing with a couple of the kids, the Knight, who looked extremely beat up touched the kid that looked like Clint and teleported away which left us standing alone with the kids that came into the battle with him. Some were races we had never even seen, so we gathered them together and moved them to a safe location.

After that little encounter we continued on through the city where we met with other Knights and their black beasts. We quickly disposed of them, but were met by a familiar face, her henchmen and a golem she had created. It was Goldhelm. She and Tazer appeared to be having a conversation before all hell broke loose. During the conversation she pulled out a white sword and was imbued with power much the same way that Tazer was when he used Rudain’s Fire. Eventually Tazer pulled out Amos Gamouth and showed her that he could wield that one as well and that’s when all hell broke loose. The Golem picked her up and began to grapple her, thanks to Tazer and then we began a fight with her henchmen. As the fight was going on half of a giant downed skyship came to life and made it way over to me and began to attack me as if on a mind of its own. Soon the battlefield had become a fight of ships, pirates and heroes. Eventually we had gained the upper hand. Goldhelm had teleported to the top of the ship deck, where she was saying some things, when it looked like nature itself wanted her dead. Synthous elephant appeared on the deck as well as some monkeys that Tak had summoned. The last thing we heard was “Oh, Shit” as Goldhelm teleported away, but without her sword which the monkey’s had managed to steal. With her golem in Tazer’s control and her henchmen all dead but one we had defeated Goldhelm, but had let her escape, but Tazer now had two swords, and then suddenly a third was well.

After our battle with Goldhelm, we thought we could finally leave this place when suddenly a giant anchor from the skyship above landed in the ground. As soon as it landed all of the sky pirates began to cheer, and what we saw was a black figure jump out of the ship, sail through the sky using the anchor and land. As soon as he landed he began running his way towards us. We prepared for the worst as Synthous took the lead position and was going to use a javelin that he had found, we didn’t know if he could hit this man though and I tried to help by summoning my ki and bestowing part of it into his weapon. As the man approached Synthous hit him with the javelin and he spot one word “No”. However we didn’t think that would be the last of him so we gathered together and teleported ourselves to a familiar place. We were inside the tomb of Albon Rudain. We had some unfinished business to attend to, before we thought about returning to Vishby. However as we entered the tomb we had a talk amongst the heroes about the Guild. We had learned from Tazer that Amaras Fefalas was actually his grandfather Galadrian, who had been watching over Tazer and us the entire time and that we could not trust the guild or Vishby himself. It turned into a talk about weather we could trust them or not, and as the conversation continued on we one by one took off our rings and destroyed them, all except for Clint who didn’t believe that Vishby was evil and the guild mislead. So he kept his ring on. I even broke my vow of silence to help try and explain to Clint that it was the right choice and that we needed to trust what we were told and step away from the heroes of the guild. We slept for what felt like the first time in an eternity, and it was a peaceful sleep. We awoke the next day and went down a familiar passage which leads to a great white dragon by the name of, Galmarthoran. As we entered his resting place, we heard the great voice tell us, that he had been waiting and that he knew we would return. We owed him a favor and Tazer went and stood forth in front of the great Dragon and released him of his duties. One last word was heard as the dragon was freed and it was “Thank you”. We then entered the tomb of Albon Rudain and looked about to see if anything was out of place. We found nothing.

At this time we didn’t know what came next, because we had decided not to return to the guild. We decided it was time to go talk Malas who might be able to give us some insight on what to do. As we teleported and made our way inside to Malas’ territory we were greeted by a sight we never thought we would see. It was Malas sitting under a tree with none other then Galadrian himself. Immediately Tazer ran forward and embraced his Grandfather. We were asked to sit down and enjoy a meal as they had many things to discuss with us after they answered many questions we had. Eventually after answering all of our questions, and learning many great things, Galadrian and Malas decided it was time to tell us the true story behind the Shattered One and who we all really were.

He told us the story of how they Shattered One was not the corrupt jealous one, but that it was his Daughter’s that imprisoned him because they wanted his power. They also told us that the god’s we knew of on the plant were just some form of the three sisters. They grew more powerful based on how many people believed and followed them; we also learned that the Knights of the Void were trying to fight them as well by gaining as many followers as they possibly could. While we took all of this end, it was strange to see the world we knew completely shift and change before our eyes. After learning of the sisters we learned of the hierarchy of beings within the world and learned how Malas, who was the last spirit of the Treants, the Pirate King, who was a knight of the void who broke off, Galadrian, who was an elf, Gythurna, who was a dragon, Amon Gamuth, who was the human warlock who sealed the knights, and the Queen of the beast, which is obvious what she is, were known as the Six. Immortal beings that were put in Gaer to protect and survive Ebnatu.

We also learned that we were not mortals, but of Immortal blood. We are known as the Vamanatu. Legendary immortals that were once hunted because of our connection with Ebnatu, so our “ancestors” fled to different corners of Gaer, and now we are all back together and are being asked to once again put our lives in danger to not only stop the Knights and the Sisters, but to resurrect and bring back Ebnatu.
We are no longer mortals, and the time for change as come. We begin our journey to bring back our god, so that we can bring back order to the world once again.


Mad Monkeys > Goldhelm.

More than Mortals

I imagine Goldhelm has a different opinion.

More than Mortals

Elephant > Goldhelm

More than Mortals

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