Ab the Giant

Hill giant monk, future herald of Zuul


Ab is over ten feet tall, and looks to weigh easily over half a ton (let’s hope no one has to find out). Like all hill giants, he has a dark, loam-colored skin, a bestial appearance, and elongated arms. Ab is very loyal (if not a little cowardly) and always has a simple-minded look on his face (even for a hill giant).


A simple hill giant who was forced to work under the Void Knight who called himself Sebastian. After the ordeal, Ab was spared, and sent to protect Master Ari Kenshos and his students as they returned to their temple. Ab was so beloved that Kenshos took him in as a student, teaching him the martial arts. When Zuul arrived to check up on Ab and Master Kenshos, he was impressed by Ab’s change, so Zuul took Ab as an apprentice.

Since then, Ab has been a near constant companion to the Heroes (particularly Zuul). After realizing his heritage as a vamenatu, Zuul bestowed a part of his mythic power to Ab, in hopes of one day making him his divine herald.
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Ab the Giant

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