Captain Capham Cluching

Eccentric Gnome tinkerer and ex-Captain of the Guild


This eccentric gnome is one of the more popular heroes of the Guild. Possibly because of his natural gnome inquisitiveness or due to some divine inspiration as a priest of Corali Creat, Cluching is an accomplished inventor as well as hero. He has done design work for the photone rail of Cathul, and invented his own weapon, which he calls the Cluching. Cluching is currently working on a prototype of a new airship propulsion system.

Between the events of Heroes of the Guild and Six Pieces of the Whole, Campham was captured by Wriggley, who tortured him and revealed the truth of the Sister Goddesses to him. He has since been rescued by the Heroes and has become a companion to them once again. Campham is a cleric/paladin of Tazer. Also, he’s a drunk.

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Captain Capham Cluching

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