Monsmat Shocarou

Gnomish Entomologist and Magister for the Guild of Heroes


Monsmat is a small, grey-haired, and bookish looking gnome. His overly large spectacles give him a bug-like appearance. Monsmat often comes off as snobbish, but most Guildsmen overlook this flaw because of his great skill with the technical aspects of magic. Monsmat is also a skilled entomologist, and his office is covered in various wire cages for the holding of wee beasties. More than one Guildsman finds his obsession with insects a little strange.


After the betrayal of Amaras Fefalas, Guildmaster Claudia Elmez appointed (then) Exalted Master Monsmat to the position of Guild Magister. Monsmat’s first act as Magister was to remove all of Amaras’s brutish weaponry to make room for the cages of all his exotic beetles.

Monsmat Shocarou

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