Tak Dragonfang


Short in Stature like other gnomes Tak only stands a few feet tall. He sports darker hair for a gnome a color more suited for humans some would say, he is normally seen with a little stubble that covers his face of the same color. You will never catch him without his goggles.


Tak doesn’t know how he ended up with the elves, and in some ways, he doesn’t really care. He was trained in their ways and taught their knowledge during the early years of his life. He was mentored by Calydith Aniwyn, who Tak refers to as “My Lady”, she seems to be the only one he shows legitimate respect for. During Tak’s “service” under Calydith, she focused heavily on the dragons. At first Tak was not too keen on the idea of learning about a race of creatures that had seemingly disappeared, let alone how to fight them. Over time however, he became enthralled by the idea of the great dragons and strove to learn more about them, how they worked, what they stood for, and more importantly, how to destroy them. Over time Calydith realized that Tak could not go down the path he was headed alone, it was a task too great for one such as him.

She devised a ritual to solve this dilemma. One day she forced Tak into a deep meditation during a training session, and made an attempt of creating a being out of Tak’s sheer force of will. When the ritual was coming to a close, Calydith managed to pull the being from Tak’s mind and then successfully anchored it to Tak’s soul. She was met with a horrifying visage staring back at her with mesmerizing green eyes. Calydith couldn’t believe what was in front of her, could the creature really be a dragon? She collected herself, realizing that the creature manifested itself in that form because of Tak’s enthrallment with the dragons. She greeted the creature, “Hello Mindweller, you have been manifested to serve along side this small one, you are both part of one whole, and will act as such in the coming times of great strife.” “The cries of those who dare stand before us will sing our victory, all who stand in our way will fall.” replied the creature.

Tak, awake but staring silently at this creature that was brought from his mind, could feel the bond between himself and the creature, he knew they were one. “Greetings small one” the beast’s words echoed in Tak’s mind “I am Charr, I am the manifestation of the great power the dwells within you, remember, even the tiniest creature can move mountains with enough determination.” Tak took what Charr had said, and stored it away in his head, always pondering how he could push the mountains that he foresaw coming, and decided he needed to position himself to be ready to take a stand when the time came.

This lead him to The Guild, where he was accepted due to the vast knowledge taught to him by the elves, especially his knowledge of the dragons. Tak’s actions were first taken interest of by Amaras Fefalas and eventually left to his own devices, Tak went to study and prepare for the battles that he knew were eventually coming, waiting for the time he would be needed.

Tak Dragonfang

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