Silent Zen Archer


A monk of oddity. Unlike all monks who walk the path with the concept that their fist are their only weapon Zuul decided to put those beliefs aside and pick up the bow. His reasoning for why he chose the bow and why he remains silent is a mystery to all of his fellow adventures and friends alike. He however has a reason and a dark past that he is quietly keeping to himself and maybe one day we will hear the story as to why he chose the path he did.


Legend of Zuul
Not much is known about Zuul. People don’t know where he is from or even who his parents were. All people truly know about him, is that he became a young monk, who mastered the art of the bow and took the vow of silence which has allowed for his tale to be silent for all these years. However there is one particular man who knows everything about this young monk, but has decided to keep it silent out of respect for Zuul and everything he stands for. This man’s name is hidden from the people and no one truly knows if he will give up the information he has. The only facts known about this young man is that he was a normal child for a short part of his life, till tragic events happened and completely changed his life forever.
There is only one man who knows of this day the story of Zuul and how he came to be, and that his is monk master and protector, Master Kenshos. He found the Zuul in the ruins of his home town far north near the mountains. It was the town of Zwe’ Thul, a small but peaceful village. However when Master Kenshos stumbled upon it there was nothing but ruins and the bodies of what appeared its inhabitants and bodies of creatures he had not seen before in his life. They seemed to have ravaged the village with nothing but pure destruction in their mind. Master Kenshos searched the ruins not knowing if anyone had survived or not, when he stumbled across a young boy with a bow in his hand and what appeared to be twenty bodies of the best that laid claim to his home. The boy was covered in blood, not knowing if it was his own or the beast Master Kenshos approached the young boy wanting to help him. The boy seemed to be in a trance and Master Kenshos could not awake him from this trance. So he took the boy and left for his monastery where he looked after him and tried to awaken the trance he was in.
After 2 months of caring for the boy he was finally able to bring him out of this trance. After he was scared and then a deep hatred filled his eyes and he seemed to be searching for something. “My family” is all he said. “I’m sorry youngling, but your family was killed, when those creatures attacked and you seem to be the only one that survived”.
“They came out of the night and we had no chance to defend ourselves. They came at us like creatures of hell and tore and ravaged through the camp. My father tried to protect my mother, sibling and I, but he was quickly killed. I watched as these creatures tore through my father, mother, brothers and sisters, and the people of my village. Something overtook me when my last sibling was killed and I took up my fathers bow and went into a rage. I killed those creatures one by one without rest, but I remember nothing of it other then the images ingrained in my mind.”
“I’m sorry young one, but you are all that is left. Might you have a name?”
“They called me Argu’Zuul, after my father. I was the oldest of my siblings.”
“Well young Argu’Zuul, you are safe here and while I know it must be tough, you are free to start a new life here in the monastery.”
“I can’t stay here! I must hunt down all of those creatures until they are dead and rotting or until one of them splits me open and leaves me for the carrion.”
“I can not allow for such foolish acts. Nor will having a burning vengeance in your heart allow you to even carry out this mission. It would be wise for you to stay here and try to live your life to the fullest. Who knows you might even have a great destiny ahead of you, but I will not try to stop you if you feel like it is right to leave.”
With that Zuul thanked the Master and picked up his bow and immediately left in an attempt to hunt down and destroy the creatures. Master Kenshos just waited and waited, with a feeling that this young man would return to him one day.
3 months had passed and he had not returned. Until one afternoon in the garden a young man, bloodied and bruised walked up to Master Kenshos. He immediately recognized him as Argu’Zuul.
Zuul fell to his knees and told the Master “I have failed in my quest and realize that I do not have the strength nor the training to do what must be done. I have also done some thinking and I wish for you to become my master and teach me the ways of being able to defend those in trouble and help people for the greater good.”
“Haha, young man you have much to learn, but there is strength in you that I can see and a goodness that can not be matched by any I know. I will allow you to stay and learn under me, but you must never use your abilities for evil and you must always do what you can to protect those that are in need. Do you understand?”
“Yes Master, I understand. I do however ask to be taught different then those you have taught before. I wish to put aside my fist and learn to wield the power of the bow.”
“Haha, you are indeed a curious one Argu’Zuul. I will do as you ask.”
“Please Master; from this day forth I will be known as only Zuul.”
For years Zuul trained with the Master and his students learning to wield the bow with far greater power and accuracy then the Master had ever seen. However life was not easy for Zuul, with so many people asking where he came from and why he was different from all of them and why he choose to use such a weak weapon like a bow and not his fist. One day he was tired of all the questions and on his ceremonial day of finally being expected as a monk of Master Kenshos Temple, he took a very curious vow.
“From this day forward I will take the Vow of Silence, learning to show my power through my actions and my bow and to push away the past and things that have happened to me, so that I may fully harness my powers and help those in need.”
Upon that day he took the vow of silence and carried on his work that day forward helping people in need. When news reached the Temple that the Heroes of the Guild were looking for a candidate to join them in the upcoming wars Master Kenshos knew of one such young man.
He summoned Zuul to his studies and told him of what the Heroes needed. In silent approval Zuul accepted the task and took on the mantel of the Temple and left for the Guild not knowing if he would ever see his Master again nor the friends he had made. Instead of making it a sad day though he took it as the chance to spread the Temples work and began his life anew working for the Guild. However he had one last message from Master Kenshos.
“There will come a time when the need will arise that the eternal vow you took must be broken. While it goes against everything you learned, you must realize that it will help in the judgment of ultimate good vs evil. Do you accept this challenge of giving up your vow if the need arises?”
A simple nod is all that Zuul replied with. He left then for the Guild immediately knowing that the sooner he got there he could help. However the Masters words were always in the back of his mind.


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