Six Pieces of the Whole

Attack on The Glacier

After finding the ‘piece’ of Ebnatu, battling Mage Hunters and other foes, relocating to the syvi city of The Glacier, and losing half of the Immortal Six the Heroes finally had some time to collect themselves. The Heroes took nearly thirty days to craft, train, and rest for the coming days of impending hardships.

Tak ventured off on his own for a few days to find what we knew as the deepest part of the ocean. This place of the ocean held the next piece of Ebnatu, according to Audiel’s vision of Spot. After researching the lore and history on the location of this part of the ocean and prepping himself for any type of hostile encounters, he teleported to the location of the deepest part. To his amazement, and the groups as well after learning this knowledge, it was actually a portal to the Plane of Water located within in a whale. The place Tak found himself in was a dark room filled entirely with water except for a very small island made of force. The force wall Tak was on was the largest of four walls. Each wall being smaller than the last and within each other. At the very center was located a huge beast of sorts which was evidently trapped there. Within the other walls were stones very similar to the photone stones that landed on Gaer, however; these stone seemed far more refined than the ones the Heroes knew of.

After Tak ventured on ahead and found out all of this information he returned to the rest of the group and relayed the information. As stated the Heroes were rather surprised by the location of the portal and what was within it. However; there was prepping to do. Spot W. and Tazer spent most of their time crafting magical items for the group and training. Seeing as we did not have to sleep anymore because of our power, Zuul spent a great amount of time aiding the guards of The Glacier. Synthous, with the aid of Tak, ventured to a port city mainly populated with taiga giants. Syn was seeking a warrior by the name of Caomhir for his training. After teleporting in Tak and Syn were stunned to see the sheer size of this giant. On some scales taiga giants are called huge, however; this one fell into the realm of gargantuan. After the training sessions Syn promised that he and the other Heroes would accompany Caomhir on a hunt.

After the near thirty days had came to a close, the Heroes moment of peace was cut short. It was known that anything teleporting into The Glacier would cause its defenses to react. It reacts by ‘bleeding’ from the walls. Tak had done this when first entering The Glacier and only one tear streamed down the walls. However; this time there were too many tears to count. Just moments after the tears streamed The Heroes heard Audiel’s voice within their heads stating that enemies had enter the city. The Heroes, currently within the library, hurried to Audiel’s location. The group immediately readied themselves for battle with an unknown enemy. Tak took hold of everyone before they could even move and teleported the group to where Audiel was, inside the chamber of forty-eight. As soon as The Heroes touched ground the enemy was known. It was the Knights of the Void.

WIthin the chamber was a giant beast known as a bandersnatch, six Void Knights with lions on their shield and one very familiar Knight with a moth on his shield. The Moth Knight was joined with yet another familiar face, Clint Westwood’s thought to be son. It was obvious that the Moth Knight had taken control of Audiel’s mind by the way she was acting. The Moth Knight had also been creating a heart filled with otherworldly taint. Combat soon erupted between the two groups. The Heroes managed to dispose of all the enemies within the room and release Audiel from the magic controlling her. The Heroes also learned that the identity of Clint’s son was actually a withered man with nothing more than a disguise. Even though this battle was won the siege was still ongoing. Audiel informed the Heroes of the next location of the enemy which was at the bay. The Heroes had previously instructed their companions to aid the civilians as they made their ways onto rescue boats. Yet again, Tak grabbed ahold of everyone and teleported them to The Glacier’s bay.

Almost instantly The Hero’s became overwhelmingly nauseated. It seemed that there was a type of magical field up that caused anymore who teleported into this area to become extremely sickened. The bay itself looked as if it was completely engulfed in flames and smoke. Yet, with keen senses the Heroes realized this was nothing more than an illusion. The Heroes were unfortunately greeted by large snake-like beings and fully formed lungs of taint lashed between two ships. These snakes seemed to be from the Plane of Void, a type of protean being. The Heroes knew of their strange and extremely unstable magic that such beings command. Even with their strange power the snakes were quickly dispatched. Not soon after the snakes, the lungs were also destroyed. Same as the times before, Audiel’s voice spoke to everyone within The Glacier, this time with better news. She informed everyone that the enemy had been drove back from everywhere within The Glacier except the main hall and that the Heroes should travel there now.

The center hall was filled with the remaining enemy forces and a large tainted brain. The enemies were completely overwhelmed by The Heroes within mere seconds. The brain destroyed shortly after the enemies had fallen. Audiel’s voice came up one more time, announcing the victorious defense of The Glacier.

Even with this victory many syvi people had lost their lives and many of The Heroes companions were wounded. The most important fact that the Herows learned was that nowhere is safe.

PS: If I forgot/missed/or got something wrong please feel free to correct it. :D



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