Six Pieces of the Whole

Immortal Blood

Divine Power and Unexpected Deaths

….It’s been a long time since I’ve written about what has transpired. I apologize for this, but many things have happened and the tides of the war seem to ever shifting. We have suffered heavy loses and so far we have been unable to repay the debt and take out some of the leaders for the Sister Goddesses. But before I speak of this let me go back to where I last left you in our story of the Heroes.

I was stunned and shocked at what we had just learned from Galadrion and Malas, but at the same time almost a peace-like state over took me. It was time for us to learn of our place in this world and that was to defend the people of the planet of Gaer and stop the tyranny of the three Sister Goddesses. We were given the task by Galadrion to go and recruit those people that would see the light in what we learned and help us in our fight against Vishby and his horde..

…It was disappointing, we were only able to gather so few. Some turned their backs on us and we lost a great ally with the death of the Thunderbird. It was not the time to look back though and after the arrival of The Pirate King, a young man by the name of Spot W, who we later found out shared the Vamanatu bloodline with us, Gythruna, and the Queen of Beasts herself, we began to train for the war that was about to begin with the five Immortals. After months of brutal and enduring training we each came away with near awareness and skills. However we had one test left and that was to enter the tree in grove and find a way to tap into the Vamanatu blood inside each of us.

I remember much of the adventure inside of the tree. We faced minotaurs, who had power not typical of normal minotaurs. Also inside the tree we faced a great air elemental that proved quite a fierce foe to us, but eventually after being battered and bruised we made our way to the well. And upon interaction with the well each of us had a vision and with each vision came the key to unlocking the bloodline in each of us and thus the beginning of the return of the Vamanatu. I exited the tree with my friends and immediately upon our emergence we were briefed on a giant army waiting outside the grove and Malas was doing everything he could to hold back the army, but he was slowly dying with each second. In haste I along with Syn, Tak, Tazer and Spot W boarded the Blasted Seagull, a sky ship, piloted by a gnome, Hymak Bubap. He told us that he would fly us to the city of the mole-people and the Immortals and sky pirates would try and clear a path and hold off the army of Vishby long enough for our escape….There it was. The army encamped out in front of us. Thousands strong with creatures clearly sent here by the Sisters themselves. How could he possibly get through this army with what little numbers we had? This was no time to lose faith in the my friends gathered below. We set sail as fast as we could in the direction of Wah-Gulrarg, the citadel of the mole-people and home to the Mole God and a piece of the Shattered One. Suddenly three giant worm-like creatures were headed into our direction with the intention of destroying our ship and bringing us down into the whole of the army, along with these worms was a creature, later described to me, as a giant head with ten eyes each empowered with some magical ray it could shoot out each turn. We defeated these enemies after a tough fight. Tazer was like a machine that fight hitting the worm creatures every time they crossed his path. It seemed that our training had paid off. Hours passed away as we finally landed roughly a mile outside of Wah-Gulrarg. We quickly made our way there so that we could discover if there was a piece of Ebnatu inside the city. A group of molemen warriors intercepted us at the entrance to the city, but with some good diplomacy and someone inside referred to as the Supreme Mole Priest wanting to meet us we were led into the city. We passed by many villagers most of whom when the soldiers dispersed came up and talked to us. We were a sign, so they said, and we looked like the statues others stated. A temple stood in the middle of the city and on top of it was a giant dragon that almost appeared as stone, but was clearly living and in the ceiling of this great under the mountain city was a giant stone that gave off light in the cavern almost like a miniature sun. We approached the temple and went inside. A garden sits in the middle of the temple covered in vines and plants so as to “hide the Mole God” from view of prying eyes or so we were told. We were welcomed to the temple by an older mole, who we could only assume was the priest they spoke of, however according to Tak and some of the others with was just another one of the Sisters servants in disguise and he definitely lived up to the part. He was known as Wriggley. He was known as the Worm that Walks and was given life by the Spirit Goddess. He showed little fear in being surrounded by us, but told us that he had a gift for us behind a veiled portal. I know nothing of what was behind that portal other then the emergence of three people, one an old blind mole, one a girl who I knew not of at the time, and Capham Cluching. But with the return of Tak and Syn came a battle promoted by Wriggley. " I have a joke for you Zuul….I killed your parents." were the words he spoke to me before a giant fight would happen. I couldn’t hold my temper. This monster was responsible for the death of those I loved and the destruction of my village. I vowed he wouldn’t leave this place alive and I would do everything in my power to kill him on the spot if it wasn’t for the fact that he was a slippery bastard. I ran outside of the temple only to be faced with four giant mantises and four slug-looking things while Wriggley himself was flying in the air. I know not of what my friends were doing while Wriggley was in my sight. I quickly began punching my way through the mantis and lept to the roof were I was face to face with the dragon. Damn Wriggley was not in sight but a giant sphere of magic was in the sky. I had to get in there and find this worm. I felt something shake under me as the dragon itself began to rouse from it’s sleep. Quickly with the help of Syn and Ab we tried to dispatch the dragon before it took flight, but it was far to powerful. Ab went down. He wasn’t breathing, but I couldn’t help him with the dragon still alive. I followed it as it swooped into the air. Quickly Syn followed it into the air and Tak also took the form of one of the great beasts so to fight it in the air. While Spot and Tazer took out the rest of the bugs before they changed focus, it tore through the air in a crazy combat with Tak. It dove at Tak and connected with a powerful blow that almost brought Tak down, but with some solid hits it finally went down. Syn removed some bones so as to dispatch the dragon permanently, but Tak beat him to it with an aerial dive and sacrificed a finger to dispatch him. Aid me I asked of Tak so that I could find Wriggley. I did something that no mortal man should ever do and that was walk through this sphere of huge power only to find it empty inside. Wriggley wormed his way out of this fight and ran. ……..Ab…..(tear stain)…Had died. I knew that we had the means to resurrect him, but I was having my doubts. I didn’t want him to suffer anymore, but I could not give him up to my enemies. So we brought Ab back to us. Quickly we talked to the Mole Priest and after some distractions, and Tak’s ever presence curiosity, Tak took the Mole God to his demi-plane to see if it was really a piece of Ebnatu. At the time we thought we had failed and the piece had been taken by Wriggley. Vy the Syvi, one of the three that was rescued from the dimensional prison, shared with us that she had some vision of Synthous and that she needed to take him back to her home world were he could talk to the council of 48. After much discussions and some long talks, Tak and Syn left with Vy to the Glacier. Meanwhile Spot, Tazer and myself stayed back in Wah-Gulrarg. Spot W with a group of mole people, Capham, and Hymak headed out of the city and towards the sky ship after we all politely refused the feast that the mole people presented to us. Quickly he returned and told us that the ship had been taken over by some members of the Guild. So we quickly headed out there only to find that they were led by Monsmat Shocarou along with five others and a swarm of beetles. He spotted me as I jumped atop a rock. He made some comment on finding us out here, but clearly they got lucky. He did say one noticeable thing: Magehunters were on their way here to fight us. We quickly lept onto the ship and battle ensued. We were able to dispatch all of them, but Monsmat was able to teleport out of the battle. The crew quickly joined us back on deck and we had Hymak fly the ship back to the city and then gave the order to take it three miles from the town so that the Magehunters would not find them. I decided however that I would sit by the entrance and wait for the hunters to show up to which I did not have to wait long. Synthous had returned to the mole city a little before they showed up and the battle started and just as quickly as it started it ended for me, and the last thing I remember is floating down some river. I was being sucked into a giant chasm. All of a sudden Spot showed up and pulled me out of the water. I came too only to find that all of the hunters were dead and both Vy and Tak had returned to us. I felt strange. I needed to eat, but even when I ate my fill I still hungry. A part of me seemed to have almost been taken from me when I died, but that was something I could worry about later. We decided the best course of action was to head to the City of the Glacier. So Tak, Vy, Syn, Spot and myself teleported there, while Tazer took the crew and sky ship in an attempt to fly it around to the other face of Gaer. A court room and an elder-looking syvi were staring at us as we showed up in Glacier. Almost immediately upon our return she started to convulse. Vy said she was having a vision and she would be fine. The vision was of Spot W dying on what appeared to be a battlefield. He was reciting some poem of some sort. It was a key. Each stanza of the poem containing two clues. A name and a place. After some thinking about it Tak had an epiphany. He left along with Spot. A minute or two passed and then as if a rush of energy had hit us we felt a great power enter us all. It seemed that they had found a piece of Ebnatu. I wish my friends that I could leave you all with that great news of finding a piece, but after learning we were told some dire news. The Queen of Beasts had shown up to the Glacier. She was however mortally wounded during the fight with Vishby’s army and some creatures of the Sisters. She was dying. Cirzone was also there and she too shared grave news. Both Gythurna and Malas had fallen in the battle. Galadrion was alive but currently missing. The Queen of Beasts passed away the following day….. ….We have lost so many friends. But they will not die in vain. We continue on our journey to become the Heroes we were destined to be from the beginning. We will fulfill whatever prophecy that has been written in history and we will bring Ebnatu back to this world and stop the Sisters.

From the Journal of Zuul



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