Divine Creation Legend

The following represents an ancient fable about the beginnings of the gods of the Aroupian pantheon and their overthrow of the tyrannical Shattered One. It is widely believed by all who worship one or more of the gods of the pantheon, although some sects take it to be more metaphorical, while some take it quite literally.

In the beginning, there was void. Large, vast, swirling swathes of nothingness. Great masses of energy bounded back and forth in the void whirlpool, like lightning strikes in a stormy sky. After ages and ages of swirling and bolting, everything aligned just right, and a being emerged: Gaer’s first god, known now as the Shattered One. This being understood the void, because it was of it.

After a score of ages of just existing, the Shattered One began to work the void like a tailor, weaving and binding it. From it, the Shattered One began to create existence; stars, earth, sky, water, plants, wind were all sewn by the Shattered One’s hand. Pleased with what it had done, the Shattered One pushed further: it wove life from the void material. It created ivies, birds, snakes, boars, grasses, crops, men, dwarves, halflings. The Shattered One enjoyed these beings greatly, for they looked mesmerizing and complex. But it grew disappointed of them, for they were still and boring. So it pushed itself further: it gave them minds, so they would act without its influence. This brought the Shattered One great enjoyment for a time, but it too had its problems. The creatures and plants kept dying at a rate far faster than the Shattered One could make them, and it had to spend all of its time creating things instead of enjoying them. So the Shattered One pushed itself again, and imbued each creature with a little more of its creative skill, so each one could make more creatures.

Even with that problem solved, the Shattered One still had little time to enjoy its creations, so it took the last of the remaining void and created scions to watch the world for it. These scions were the gods of men, like Corali Creat the builder and Iliq Silvereye, as well as the gods of the dwarves, the elves, and other gods that no one knows of. Each of these gods were given a specific area to watch over, and with the duties divided, the Shattered One was able to enjoy its creations. But enjoy them it did not.

As the Shattered One looked down upon its creations, it saw them drinking, eating, mating and being merry, things it could not do. It became very jealous. The Shattered One then saw how they worshiped its scions instead of it. This was the final straw, and the Shattered One was driven insane with its primal jealousy. It sent war, plague and death upon creation like rain. It lorded over the lesser gods, and commanded them like a tyrant to worship it.

The other gods and goddess would not stand for this. While the Shattered One was still far more powerful, they were greater in number. One day, while the Shattered One was sowing discord upon his creations, the gods created a plan. Corali the Craftsman took some of her own essence and created the magical sword Hwal-Guthar from it, using the breath of the Lady of Fangs as a forge. Knowing she was not a warrior, Corali gave the great sword to Gawese, the greatest warrior among them.

When the Shattered One returned from its evil vengeance, the other gods pounced upon it. It raged and kicked and tried to roll, but the gods and goddess kept the Shattered One pinned to the ground. Gawese then took Hwal-Guthar and struck the Shattered One with it. Like a fine glass bowl being hit by a hammer, the Shattered One broke into a million-million pieces. The gods then took the grains of the Shattered One and bound them, so it could never return.

With the god-tyrant defeated, they were free to set existence back to the way it was meant to be. And so they did.

Divine Creation Legend

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