example quiz

1) State one fact about Silver’s Deep.

2) Name one reason why His Might Wallace RuDain II cannot take the throne.

  • Too young
  • Too immature

3) Give one fact about the elf Malas

  • Called “the Pale One”
  • Might be dead or alive
  • Can use magic
  • Is from the Second Age
  • Dislikes orcs/giants
  • Helped PCs get into the Catacombs of RuDain
  • Was visited by Pistachios
  • Lives in a glade in the Hills of Nal
  • Gave the PCs a feather in a jar

4) Name any three Guidlmembers, past or present, that are not or were not PCs.

  • Brum Bluestone
  • Capham Cluching
  • Vishby Maclaren
  • Emr Thousand-Face
  • Claudia Elmez
  • Driztopher Crue
  • Freedon
  • Amaras Fefalas
  • Waykor Dwobnor
  • Juta
  • Logas Andrews
  • Monsmat Shocarou

5) We have seen two nemeses. Who are they?

  • Driztopher Crue (no longer a nemesis, this was made for Session 14)
  • Pirate King’s Mistress/ Goldhelm

6) What powers is Amos Gamuth said to have?

  • The power to control dragons

7) At the Battle of Brellymines, the mole people had two “game changers”. What were they?

  • Staff
  • Dragon

8) What race is known for its powerful forgemages and militant nature?

  • the elves

9) What is the elven hero Galadrion know for?

  • Galadrion’s Fangs
  • Disappearance
  • Being a powerful forgemage

example quiz

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