Fangs of Galadrion

The crafty dwarves have been masters of steel and forge since they first walked Gaer, but even the greatest dwarven smith couldn’t hold a hammer to the great elven Forge-Mages of the Second Age. These powerful magi wove magic and steel together in ways Gaer will never see again, creating powerful and wondrous swords, armors and other crafts.

Foremost among the Forge-Mages was the great elven lord Elmanor, who the elves called Galadrion, meaning “Iron-lord” in their tongue. Galadrion worked such powerful magics into the blades he forged, it is said his skill was the envy of the gods themselves. Legends portray him as the lover of the goddess Corali Creat, although whether this is the cause of his skill or was caused by his skill is different from one legend the next.

Galadrion made many blades, many minor, some powerful, all with great skill. Although he made several scores of powerful weapons, Galadrion is most often associated with four of his creations, the four Fangs of Galadrion.

The first among the four is Falas-Garmund, or “Hearth Defender”, as Men called it. This powerful sword was crafted from the minerals found within a meteor, with a hilt of onyx. Falas-Garmund was the first of the two great swords Galadrion forged during the War of Flames. This katana is a deep charcoal grey with a large, sturdy guard. The protective magics within are said to make whomever wields it a bastion of defense for his allies. It is said this sword will appear for any elf in need of great defense. The sword is currently the only of the Four Fangs of which the status is known: is it wielded by the current elven king Gaia.

The second fang is Amos Gamuth, the Dragon-Tamer. Galadrion forged this sword of admantium in the breath of the mighty Dragon-lord Gythurna, whom sided with the elves during the War of Flames. This fire-red blade contained a piece of Gythuma’s soul within a large ruby in the guard. Any wielder powerful enough to control the sword’s spirit was able to command and bind dragons. Galadrion was able to use this sword to end the War of Flames before his people came into conflict with the Men of the Second-Age. The blade was taken by Albon RuDain as a spoil of war (or as the elves say, unrightfully stolen). This blade become the token of Albon’s reign, and was often called “RuDain’s Fire” by his people. Galadrion resented how Albon used this blade, and it is said that it is because of his grief over the misuse of this powerful artifact that he disappeared forever. The blade is also called “Galadrion’s Bane” as a result. The blade was never seen after Albon’s rule.

The third fang is Stelenfr the Undying. Perhaps because of his remorse over letting such a powerful weapon as Amos Gamuth fall into the hands of an ill wielder, the third and fourth fangs had far less offensive powers. Stelenfr was a pale white katana made of the horn of a deceased queen of unicorns. The powerful magics Galadrion wove into the blade caused it to mend wounds instead of cause them. The blade also allowed the wielder to cheat death five times, two uses of which Galadrion himself used. Stelenfr disappeared along with Galadrion.

The fourth fang is Aplisth the Shadow. This dull, black blade was short, being closer to the length of a wakashi than a katana. It was Galadrion’s personal blade, and he often referred to it as his “greatest creation”. Only Galadrion himself knew the true powers of the blade, and the blade is only considered one of his fangs because he valued it so highly. Galadrion never drew the blade in battle, and it disappeared with him.

Fangs of Galadrion

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