Knights of the Void

Alignment: NE
Headquarters: Unknown, probably extraplanar
Leader: Unknown
Structure: Various orders, identifiable by their shields
Scope: Unknown
Resources: Unknown

Goals: The Knights of the Void dedicated themselves to goals of the Shattered One, whom they claimed was still alive, though with a fraction of its power. If this is true, then the goals of the Shattered One were unrecognizable: it seems the Knights attacked, murdered, and abducted targets randomly, or just for the sake of murdering and other miserable business.

Equipment: Each of the Knights was uniformly armored in plate mail made from a strange, other-worldly black metal, from head to toe. It was revealed on the few who were killed that these armors served as a skin for the outsiders; it was impossible to remove, save ripping the creature to shreds. Each of them also bore a large shield, made of the same metal, with the design of a creature native to Gaer on the front, albeit hideously warped. The soldiers of Gaer realized you could identify the various roles each Knight played by the animal on their shield. The shields themselves seemed to have an intelligence, as some could attack on their own or cast magicks. Any mortal who picked up their shields was overcome with a flurry of otherworldly voices.

History: In the year 926 of the Fourth Age, at the beginning of one of the many wars between Sudara and Aroupe, a portal was formed upon this plane from some distant and chaotic one. Through this portal stepped the Knights, and they immediately began sowing chaos. The nations of Gaer were forced to throw aside their conflicts with each other as they tried to expel the invaders. It was said each Void Knight was powerful enough to defeat an army of two hundred. Just when it seemed the Knights of the Void were about to gain a foothold, and
bring the world to the desires of the Shattered One, the great magician Amon Garuth banished all the outsiders back to their realm, a feat that killed the sorcerer in the process.

Recent Day: The Knights of the Void have shown themselves again. Their attack on Aroupe began as a slow campaign of deceit, but in the last month it has turned to open warfare. They currently claim the barony of Brellymines, and are marching on Feltook.

Knights of the Void

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