Sky Pirates

Alignment: CN
Headquarters: Pirate King’s Sky Castle
Leader: the enigmatic Pirate King
Structure: Various disorganized skyship crews loyal to the Pirate King
Scope: National
Resources: A flying castle, fleets of skyships, networks of members across Gaer

Goals: The goals of the individual crews that make up the bulk of the organization are as varied as the individual pirates (pirates being a relative term) themselves. Some live off plundering other skyships, others work as privateers, or have more reputable businesses. The only goal shared by all members is the desire to serve the Pirate King and his Photone Lords. Their only motivations seem to be power and greed; in any fight, you can bet the Sky Pirates will side with whomever can help them the most.

The Pirate King: The leader of the Sky Pirates is shrouded in mystery and rumor. His method for coming to power is unknown to all but a select few. Some rumors believe he started out as mere deck boy, and gained his powers through the misguided wish of a genie, others claim he is the avatar of Stratus on the mortal world, or the reincarnation of some great hero from the Second Age. It is said he stands over seven feet tall, is powerful enough to wield a broadsword one-handed, and is more handsome than any mortal should be. Others say he is a powerful-but-hideous magician who causes the sky itself to rip when he calls upon demons from the other realms. Only a handful of people have actually seen the Pirate King in all the years of his activity, which is surely the cause of all the varied rumors about him.

One thing is agreed upon, however: he is a man to either be respected and feared.

Sky Pirates

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