Timeline of Events

Fourth Age

• Year 936- Vishby Maclaren forms the Guild of Heroes
• Year 951- Last year of the Fourth Age

Fifth Age

• Year 1, 6th of Lastmonth- First day of the Fifth Age. The Great Photone Stones fall from the sky.
• Year 12, 42nd of Secondmonth- King Bestroy RuDain falls in battle, leaving his 10 year old son Wallace II as king. Duke Ryden RuDain is appointed Steward of the Kingdom, acting as ruler until Wallace comes of age.
• Year 15, 58th of Firstmonth- The Blasted Seagull mysteriously crashes.
• Year 15, 3rd of Secondmonth- Silver’s Deep Is overrun by extra-planar bats. The Heroes are able to repel the attack and gain the Baron’s gratitude.
• Year 15, 15th of Secondmonth- The wreck of The Blasted Seagull is discovered by Guildsmen.
• Year 15, 57th of Secondmonth- The forces of Aroupe are successful in the Battle of Brellymines, thanks to the actions of the Heroes.
• Year 15, 1st of Thirdmonth, Morning- Edmund Robinson is captured by the soldiers of Silver’s Deep, under the control of Sebastian.
• Year 15, 1st of Thirdmonth, Afternoon- Edmund Robinson destroys the dark orb controlling the people of Silver’s Deep. Sebastian is defeated by the Heroes.
• Year 15, 3rd of Thirdmonth- The Heroes hear of Driztopher Crue’s death.
• Year 15, 30th of Thirdmonth- The Heroes enter the tourney at Summerfest in Cydon.
• Year 15, 48th of Thirdmonth- Edmund Robinson is married to Amelia Grimhawk and becomes heir to the barony.
• Year 15, 58th of Thirdmonth- The Heroes are given a mission to retrieve the sword RuDain’s fire, and set off into the hills of Nal.

Timeline of Events

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